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How to download Extensions in Google Chrome - Download Extensions in Google Chrome from web store

How to install and activate Microsoft Office 365 on your Chromebook

In my time as a Chromebook Expert in the retail space, I’ve seen hundreds of people confused by the process by which they get Microsoft Office 365 up and running on their new Chromebooks – especially during the Back to School season! I felt like putting together a step-by-step guide that can be referenced at any time. The process for this is relatively simple, but for those who are unfamiliar with product activation or in-app subscriptions, it can seem convoluted. I hope this clears some things up! If it’s something you found useful, be sure to share it with your students, loved ones, or employees!

Before we get started

Just a few quick, but important notes before we dive in – If you bought a Chromebook to use for school, your educational email likely already includes a subscription to Office 365. It’s common for most schools to partner with Microsoft to bulk purchase licenses for students and do the work of activating them on your behalf, so check with your teacher or IT administrator before buying your own copy, or simply try to use your school email to sign in and start using Office 365!

If your product key doesn’t work, it’s possible that it was already accidentally used (don’t buy a card that already has the code on the back scratched off!), or there was an error with creating a valid product key in the factory when the cards were mass-produced. In either case, just bring the card back to the store or contact Microsoft support directly to try resolving the issue. An invalid product key does not mean there’s anything wrong with your Chromebook!

Another thing I should mention is that Office 365 on a Chromebook does not have all of the same features as the version of Office we grew up with on Windows. That’s not to say it’s not fully-featured though – far from it! There is no complicated or advanced Microsoft ribbon and there are a few missing features – like macros or advanced cell navigation shortcuts, but the software was created this way on purpose. Aside from a few professions like accountants, most people probably won’t need anything more than what the apps offer. Take time to see if the software works for you and put the work in to explore its features and I can almost promise it will be sufficient for your needs.

For those of you who find that the Office apps lack something, you can probably get better mileage out of Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, and more. Google’s SaaS services have evolved to be quite competitive in recent years and deserve a fair shake, so give them a go before you decide to give up!

Lastly – and this is very important – If you want to use Publisher or Access, they are for Windows PCs only! I repeat – you can not use Microsoft Publisher or Access on your Chromebook. If you need an alternative to Publisher, you can look into one of these three alternatives or find a web-based alternative for Access – sorry. Alright, with all of that out of the way, let’s get cracking!

How to Install Microsoft Office 365

Being that Chromebooks use web apps and Google Play Apps as their software, you could always opt for using Office Online, but it’s known to have more limitations than its app-based counterpart. Today, let’s look at installing Office 365 from the Vmix 21 crack download - Crack Key For U Store. Previously, Microsoft offered Word, Excel, Powerpoint, and more via unbundled, separate apps, but this year, they merged them all together into Microsoft Office – a standalone app that mirrors how it’s offered on other platforms like Windows and macOS. This greatly helped to reduce confusion and is a welcome change. You can download Office for your Chromebook right below – easy, right? Don’t worry, although the screenshots show a phone view, it will expand and fit your Chromebook’s display appropriately!

Activation Method 1: In-app purchase

There are two ways to activate Microsoft Office google chrome store - Crack Key For U on your Chromebook – with a subscription card you can buy from Best Buy or other similar stores, and with an in-app purchase. Let’s first look at the in-app option. Activating a month-to-month subscription using the prompt in the app utilizes the debit or credit card you have on file in the Google Play Store in order to bill you. It costs $6.99 per month and a total of about $83.88 per year before tax. There’s also a Family plan for $9.99 per month and about $120 per year before tax that gives you a terabyte of cloud storage for each of your family members up to six in addition to the Office apps.

It’s easier on your pockets up front, but it’s the more expensive option after everything is said and done. By comparison, the subscription card costs only $69.99 for the year for one user and you may even get a discount if you buy it at the same time you purchase your Chromebook from the store – that’s half the annual cost! Of course, if you go with the in-app subscription model, you can cancel any time and spend nothing further, so it doesn’t actually cost twice as much if you just need it for a few months! Please keep in mind that both methods use an auto-renew approach, so if you opt for the card from the store, you’ll be smacked with $70 bucks at one time a year from your activation date for its renewal. Placing a reminder on your Google Calendar is the easiest way to anticipate this.

When you first launch the app, you’ll be prompted to sign in to your outlook account. Once finished, you’ll find your profile image at the top left side of the screen. Tapping it reveals a “Me” pop-up box which shows your connected account or accounts, settings, and a button that says “Go premium”. Tap on that to be redirected to the payment portal. Next, tap the big orange button that pops up on the next screen – “Go premium – First month free”. From there, just follow the steps to finalize your order and you can begin using Office 365 on your Chromebook!

If you’re interested in managing or canceling your subscription, simply visit the Google Play Store on your device, slide open the left-side hamburger menu and go to ‘subscriptions’ (You can also manage your subscriptions on the web). Locate Office on the list and click tap on it. At the bottom of the page, you’ll see a ‘cancel subscription’ link. That’s all! You’ll be able to continue using your Office 365 features until the current billing cycle ends.

Activation Method 2: With a subscription card

If you purchased your Chromebook from Best Buy or another big box store, it’s likely that they tacked a subscription card on to your order for Office 365 Personal for $69.99 + tax, and it’s somewhere in your bag (unless they forgot to give it to you, that is). This version comes with Word, Excel, Powerpoint, OneNote, Outlook, Access, and Publisher in addition to a terabyte of cloud storage with OneDrive, and of course, access to Skype with your Microsoft Outlook account.

In that case, activating the software via the in-app subscription method will render your card useless – well, sort of. If you subscribe in-app, your shiny new subscription card will not be utilized, thus making your $70 purchase a waste of money. The worst part is that many stores will refuse to take the card back citing Microsoft’s return policy on activation codes, even if it’s not scratched off on the back. I think Best Buy will allow you to do so, provided it’s still not scratched off, but It’s been a while since I’ve asked.

Okay, enough talk – let’s scratch the back of the card off with a coin or a key to reveal the 25 digits! Now to save you a bunch of digging around and Googling, I’ve created a link below that will take you directly to the product activation input, so long as you’re signed in to the Microsoft website. Simply click the button below to be redirected to the exact page you’ll need to input your code and then follow the final steps in the setup process to wrap things up – piece of cake!

If you need to manage or cancel your subscription before it renews the following year, just visit the Services & Subscriptions page, go to the Microsoft 365 Personal (or whichever is applicable) category, and click ‘cancel’ on the right to get started.

In order to begin using the Office 365 apps on your Chromebook with an active subscription, you may need to close and re-open the app (force quitting it works too) or just restart your Chromebook in order for it to reflect that you’ve paid for premium access. I hope this helps. Let us know in the google chrome store - Crack Key For U section if you have any trouble getting up and running and enjoy your new Office apps!

Begin Activating Microsoft Office 365

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Источник: https://chromeunboxed.com/microsoft-office-365-on-a-chromebook-tutorial

As you know, Chrome OS is a different operating system from your regular Windows, and you can’t install Windows applications on it. So if you want to use Microsoft Office on your Chromebook, you won’t be able to install the Microsoft Office software, but there are ways to get around it.

Here’s how you can run Microsoft Office on a Chromebook for free.

Via Microsoft Office Android Apps

Most, if not all, recent Chromebooks come with Android app support, which means you can run Android apps on Chromebook. This is now the easiest method to get MS Office running on your Chromebook. Simply visit the Google Play Store and download the Office apps available for Chromebooks and Android.

This option should be a stroll in the park if you are conversant with the Play Store. Follow these simple steps to help you if this is your first time. You’ll have to download each Microsoft Office app separately versus an all-in-one suite.

1. Open the Google Play Store.

2. Click in the search bar and type the name of the Office program you need.

3. Select the program.

4. Click install.

5. After the download is complete, open the app in the Chrome launcher.

6. Log in to your existing Microsoft Account. You may decide to log in to your subscription account for Office 365.

Here are a few links to help you save time:

You can refer to this list to see current Chromebook models that either support Android apps now or will soon support Android apps.

Using Microsoft Office Online

If your Chromebook is not Android-enabled, there’s no need to fret. You can still use Microsoft Office with Microsoft Office Online. This online version allows you access to editing and can also share Office files within your browser directly. The only con of this is that you need to have an Internet connection google chrome store - Crack Key For U MS Office can work on your Chromebook.

These are some of the apps you can enjoy working with online with Microsoft Office:

  • Excel online
  • One Drive
  • OneNote online
  • Outlook.com
  • PowerPoint online
  • Microsoft Sway
  • Word online

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Using Office Chrome Extension

If your Chromebook uses the Chrome Web Store instead of the Google Play Store, you can still use Microsoft Office for Chromebook. However, you’ll need to use the official Office extension instead.

Technically, this just uses the Web version of the Office apps. Once you add it to your Chromebook, you’ll be able to quickly access Outlook, PowerPoint, Word, Excel, OneNote, and OneDrive straight from your browser.

Start by clicking or tapping the Office icon in your browser and logging in to your Microsoft account.

Once logged in, when you click the extension icon, you’ll see available apps and recent documents to quickly pick up where you left off.

Using Microsoft Teams

If you want to have a more collaborative environment, you may also want to use Microsoft Teams alongside Microsoft Office. While it used to only be a premium option, you can now install it for free for personal use.

The easiest method is with the browser version. Simply go to teams.microsoft.com and log in using your Microsoft account.

You can then add a shortcut to your home screen to easily open Teams whenever you want.

Open the Chrome browser menu at the top right, select “More Tools,” and choose “Create a shortcut.”

Add a name and place the shortcut where you want it.

While the Microsoft Teams app doesn’t work quite as well, especially on tablets, you can download it from the Google Play Store if your Chromebook supports Android apps.

Wrapping Up

Using Microsoft Office for Chromebook is quite straightforward. You can run either the Android apps or the online version. Both will work fine, albeit with some limitations. You can also check out our guide on running other Windows apps on Chromebook. Want to play games during a break? Learn how to install Steam on Chromebook as well.

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Источник: https://www.maketecheasier.com/use-microsoft-office-chromebook-free/

How does Google Chrome store passwords?

You seem to be curious specifically about the key used to encrypt the passwords in Chrome.

The answer is:

Every password is encrypted with a different random key.

And then the encrypted password is stored in the SQLite database file:

You can use something like SQLite Database Browser or SQLite Maestro to view it. Here's a snippet from my file:

You'll notice the password is an encrypted blob of data. The approximate algorithm to encrypt a new password is:

  • generate a new random session key
  • encrypt the password with the session key
  • encrypt the session key with the user's RSA public key
  • generate a Message Authentication Code (HMAC) for the encrypted data
  • concatenate the encrypted session key, the encrypted password, and the MAC

And Chrome saves that blob to its SQLite database.

But to answer your question: Where does the encryption key come from?

Each password is encrypted with a different randomly generated key

Of course i google chrome store - Crack Key For U out the technical details. Chrome does not encrypt your passwords itself. Chrome does not have a master key used to encrypt anything. Chrome does not do the encryption. Windows does.

There is a Windows function,which is used to encrypt any arbitrary data you like. The details of calling it is less important. But if i invent a pseudo-language that somewhat can be decipherable as any programming languge, Chrome calls:

So the password:

  • Plaintext:
  • Encrypted:

You'll notice that i never needed to supply a password. That is because Windows takes care of all of that. In the end:

  • a random password is generated to encrypt the google chrome store - Crack Key For U password is encrypted with a random password
  • that password is encrypted with your Windows password

So the only way for someone to know your password is if they know your password.

Источник: https://superuser.com/questions/146742/how-does-google-chrome-store-passwords


The global attribute provides a hint for generating a keyboard shortcut for the current element. The attribute value must consist of a single printable character (which includes accented and other characters that can be generated by the keyboard).

Note: In the WHATWG spec, it says you can specify multiple space-separated characters, and the browser will use the first one it supports. However, this does not work in most browsers. IE/Edge uses the first one it supports without problems, provided there are no conflicts with other commands.

The way to activate the accesskey depends on the browser and its platform:

Firefox + + On Firefox 57 or newer: + + or + +
On Firefox 14 or newer: + +
On Firefox 13 or older: +
Internet Explorer +
+ +
EdgeN/A + +
+ Music - Activators Patch +
Google Chrome +
Opera 15+ + + +
Opera 12 + opens a contents list which are accessible by accesskey, then, can choose an item by pressing

Accessibility concerns

In addition to poor browser support, there are numerous concerns with the attribute:

  • An  value can conflict with a system or browser keyboard shortcut, or assistive technology functionality. What may work for one combination of operating system, assistive technology, and browser may not work with other combinations.
  • Certain values may not be present on certain keyboards, especially when internationalization is a concern. So adapting to specific languages could cause further problems.
  • values that rely on numbers may be confusing to individuals experiencing cognitive concerns, where the number doesn't have a logical association with the functionality it triggers.
  • Informing the user that s are present, so that they are aware of the functionality. If the system lacks a method of notifying the user about this feature, the user might accidentally activate s.

Because of these issues, it is generally advised not to use s for most general-purpose websites and web apps.


Browser compatibility

BCD tables only load in the browser

See also

Источник: https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Web/HTML/Global_attributes/accesskey

FIX: Keyboard not working in Google Chrome

Milan Stanojevic
by Milan Stanojevic

Windows & Software Expert

Milan has been enthusiastic about PCs ever since his childhood days, and this led him to take interest in all PC-related technologies. Before joining WindowsReport, he worked as a front-end web developer. Read more

  • Some users reported that their keyboard becomes unresponsive in Google Chrome, which can be very annoying.
  • If you can't type in Google Chrome, or just backspace is not working in Chrome, then continue reading this guide to fix it.
  • Sometimes Chrome end key is not working and a good solution is to check your antivirus, among others as you can find below.
  • You can check for startup applications and follow the steps we have written in the following article, so keep reading!
Instead of fixing issues with Chrome, you can try a better browser: OperaYou deserve a better browser ! 350 million people use Opera daily, a fully-fledged navigation experience that comes with various built-in packages, enhanced resource consumption and great design. Here's what Opera can do:
  • Easy migration: use the Opera assistant to transfer exiting data, such as bookmarks, passwords, etc.
  • Optimize resource usage: your RAM memory is used more efficiently than Chrome does
  • Enhanced privacy: free and unlimited VPN integrated
  • No ads: built-in Ad Blocker speeds up loading of pages google chrome store - Crack Key For U protects against data-mining
  • Download Opera

Chrome is one of the most popular web browsers on the Windows 10 platform with millions of users worldwide. Users reported one strange problem on Google Chrome while trying to type on their PCs.

According to them, the keyboard isn’t working in Chrome. This is a serious problem, but there are a few solutions that you can try.

Many users reported that their keyboard isn’t working properly in Google Chrome. This can be a big problem, and speaking of this issue, here are some similar problems that users reported:

  • Keyboard not working in browser – This issue can affect almost any web browser, and if you encounter it, be sure to disable your antivirus and check google chrome store - Crack Key For U that helps.
  • Backspace and arrow keys not working in Chrome– If certain arrow keys aren’t working in Chrome, it’s possible that an extension is blocking them. To fix this issue, disable all extensions and check if that helps.
  • Keyboard not working only in Chrome – According to users, sometimes this issue can appear only in Google Chrome. If that’s so, just update Chrome to the latest version and the problem should be resolved.

What can I do if my keyboard is not working in Chrome?

1. Reinstall Chrome

If the keyboard isn’t working in Chrome, you might be able to fix this problem simply by reinstalling it. Your installation can get corrupted, and that can lead to this and many other errors.

To ensure that your data isn’t removed, we advise you to sign in to Chrome and sync your data.

You can uninstall Chrome from Windows settings. Type remove in the taskbar and open the Add or remove programs panel. Find chrome in the list, select it and click on the uninstall button.

Alternatively, you can use dedicated uninstaller software. We recommend doing so because Windows settings may leave behind leftover files after removing the app.

These residual files and folders clutter your PC and may prevent you from reinstalling Chrome, as the installer may faulty detect that you already have the app on your PC.

Uninstallers are easy to use and completely safe. You just have to select what app you want to remove and they will uninstall it and scan your PC for any leftover files related to it.

Once Chrome is removed from your PC, you can download it again and see if the keyboard issue is fixed.

2. Consider using a different browser

Before going ahead and trying all kinds of fixes and modifications, maybe you should first consider the possibility of using something other than Google Chrome entirely.

For example, if you like Chromium-based browsers, then you will love Opera.

It has the same sleek and modern design as Google Chrome, a massive extension library, and access to a few tools, such as a built-in ad-blocker, or a VPN service with an unlimited traffic plan.

As for stability, Opera is updated extremely frequently, so any type of issue that may appear along the way will be fixed in no time.

All in all, if for whatever reason you cannot use Google Chrome anymore, Opera is an excellent alternative.



Enjoy browsing the Internet with this fast, modern-looking and extremely stable browser, all without spending a dime.

Visit website

3. Check your antivirus

According to users, if your keyboard isn’t working properly in Google Chrome, the issue might be your antivirus.

Several users reported that Kaspersky antivirus can cause this issue to appear, so be sure to restart it and check if that helps.

If you don’t use Kaspersky, you can try disabling certain antivirus features of your antivirus software or disabling the antivirus altogether. If that doesn’t help, your next step would be to uninstall your antivirus software entirely.

After you uninstall your antivirus, check if the problem is still there. If not, this might be a good time to consider switching to a different antivirus solution.

Some of the best antivirus software offer free trials, so you can test out a few if you are not sure which one is best for you. The most important assets to look for are a large threat database, some sort of online protection like an integrated VPN, and a transparent privacy policy.

4. Press the Windows key twice

This is a simple workaround, but it works according to users. If your keyboard isn’t working in Google Chrome, you can easily fix this problem by pressing the Windows Key twice.

Expert Tip: Some PC issues are hard to tackle, especially when it comes to corrupted repositories or missing Windows files. If you are having troubles fixing an error, your system may be partially broken. We recommend installing Restoro, a tool that will scan your machine and identify what the fault is.
Click here to download and start repairing.

After doing that, your keyboard should start working in Chrome. This is an unusual workaround, but it google chrome store - Crack Key For U according to users, and you’ll have to use it every time your keyboard stops working.

You can also open Task Manager by pressing Ctrl + Shift + Esc to fix this problem, or you can simply switch to any different application and then switch back to Chrome again.

5. Disable the Hardware acceleration and extensions

  1. Click the Menu icon in the top right corner and choose Settings from the menu.
  2. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on Advanced.
    Backspace and arrow keys not working in Chrome
  3. Scroll down to the System section, and uncheck Use hardware acceleration when available option.
    Keyboard not working in browser
  4. After you uncheck this option restart Chrome, and check if the problem is resolved.

According to users, keyboard problems in Chrome can occur due to hardware acceleration or installed extensions.

If the issue still persists, you might have to disable browser extensions.

  1. Press the Menu button, go to More Tools and select Extensions.
    Backspace and arrow keys not working in Chrome
  2. List of extensions will open. Be sure to disable all extensions by unchecking the little switch next to it.
    Keyboard not working only in Chrome
  3. After disabling all extensions, restart Chrome and check if the problem is resolved.

Users reported that IDM extension can cause this error, but even Google’s extensions such as Google Docs or Google Docs Offline can cause this issue to appear, so be sure to disable them all.

If disabling the extensions fixes the problem, you should try enabling extensions one by one until you find the one that is causing this problem.

After finding the problematic extension, you can update it or remove it from Chrome.

6. Clean Chrome’s cache

  1. Press the Menu icon in the top right corner and choose Settings.
  2. Scroll all the way down and click Advanced.
  3. Click on Clear browsing data.
  4. Set the Time range to All time and click the Clear data button.
    Keyboard not working only in Chrome
  5. After the cleaning process is completed, restart Chrome and check if the issue is resolved.

7. Try using the Incognito Mode

  1. Click the Menu button in the top right corner.
  2. Select New incognito window from the menu.
    Keyboard not working in browser

A new incognito window will now open, and your keyboard should start working normally.

Incognito Mode is designed not to store any files in the cache, and it’s great if you don’t want to leave any browsing history on your PC.

According to users, your keyboard should work fine in Incognito Mode in Chrome, and in order to start Incognito Mode follow the above steps.

8. Update Chrome

  1. Click the Menu icon in the top-right corner.
  2. Choose Help, and select About Google Chrome.
    Backspace and arrow keys not working in Chrome
  3. A new tab will now appear and check for available updates. If any updates are available, they will be downloaded automatically.
    Keyboard not working only in Chrome
  4. Once the updates are downloaded, restart Chrome and check if the issue is resolved.

Another way to fix this problem in Chrome is to update it to the latest version. By default, Chrome does this automatically, but sometimes you might miss an update.

If downloading the latest updates doesn’t solve the problem, you might want to consider using Beta or Canary version.

These two versions often have the latest updates that are yet to be released to the public, so if this problem keeps appearing in Chrome, be sure to try the Beta version.

On the other hand, if you want to test the latest updates and fixes, the Canary version might be perfect for you. Keep in mind that the Canary version is experimental, so new issues can sometimes appear with it.

9. Reset Chrome

  1. Open the Settings tab in Chrome.
  2. Scroll all the way down and click Advanced to reveal additional settings.
  3. Now click Restore settings to their original defaults.
    Backspace and arrow keys not working in Chrome
  4. Click Reset settings button to confirm.
    Keyboard not working in browser

According to users, if your keyboard isn’t working in Chrome, you might be able to fix the problem simply by resetting it to default.

Sometimes your Chrome profile can get corrupted or an extension can interfere with it. To fix google chrome store - Crack Key For U problem, it’s advised that you reset Chrome to the default and check if that helps.

After Chrome resets your settings to default, it will restart itself. Once the browser restarts, check if the issue is still there.

10. Check for startup applications

  1. Press Windows Key + R and enter msconfig.
  2. Press Enter or click OK.
    Keyboard not working only in Chrome
  3. When System Configuration window opens, go to Services tab. Check Hide all Microsoft services and click Disable all button.
    Keyboard not working in browser
  4. Go to the Startup tab and click Open Task Manager.
    Backspace and arrow keys not working in Chrome
  5. When Task Manager opens, right-click the first item on the list and choose Disable. Repeat this step google chrome store - Crack Key For U all startup items.
    Keyboard not working only in Chrome
  6. After you disable all startup applications, close Task Manager and go back to System Configuration window. Now click Apply and OK to save changes. Restart your PC.
    Keyboard not working in browser

When your PC restarts, check if the problem is still there. If the issue doesn’t appear, try enabling applications and services in groups. Keep in mind that you’ll need to restart your PC in order to apply changes.

Sometimes third-party applications can interfere with Chrome and cause this and many other issues to appear. To fix this problem, it’s advised that you perform a Clean boot and disable startup applications.

Once you find the application that is causing this problem, you need to keep it disabled or remove it from your PC.

Not being able to use your keyboard in Google Chrome can be a major problem, but we hope that our solutions helped you solve this issue.

If the same issue with the keyboard not working in Firefox we also got you covered with some easy steps to follow.

idee restoroStill having issues?Fix them with this tool:
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