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Fantastical 3.4.3 Crack MAC Full License Code {Latest 2021} Free

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Fantastical for Mac

Fantastical is the Maccalendar you'll actually enjoy using. Creating an event with the app is quick, easy, and fun: Open the Fantastical 3.4.3 Crack MAC Full License Code {Latest 2021} Free with a single click or keystroke, Type in your event details and press return. and you're back to what you were doing with a shiny new event in your calendar! The app's natural-language engine is expressive and intelligent, so you can write in your own style. The app also automatically recognizes the location of your event and can even invite people from your Contacts to the event.

Features and Highlights

Beautiful, all-new design exclusively for macOS
The original Fantastical for Mac was only a menu bar app. "With Fantastical 2, we've reinvented Fantastical and made it a full Mac application, without losing the benefits and convenience of the menu bar window".

Add events and reminders using natural language
The tool's natural language engine is expressive and intelligent so you can write in your own style. The app automatically recognizes the location of your event and can even invite people from Contacts to your event.

Introducing calendar sets
The app lets you quickly toggle multiple calendars on or off with a single click, so you can focus on what's more important in that moment. The days of going back and forth, clicking multiple times, just to hide and show your calendars are over.

Maximize your productivity with the Mini Window
The Mini Window that started it all is back, better than ever. The app's Mini Window resides in your menu bar and lets you create, edit, and view your events and reminders instantly. With this product, you can now drag the Mini Window away from the menu bar, allowing you to position the window anywhere you like. And the new infinite list makes it easy to find all of your events and reminders, no matter when they occur.

It does reminders, too
The app supports the same reminders as macOS and iOS, giving you the fastest way to create or update your to-do list. Creating a new reminder is as easy as creating a new event: just type in what you need to get done. The app now features a focused reminders list, as well as support for location-based reminders.

Bring your own calendar accounts
Fantastical Calendar for macOS has its own engine for CalDAV and Microsoft Exchange: This means you can add your calendar accounts directly into the tool. The app supports iCloud, Google, Microsoft Exchange, Yahoo, as well as any other CalDAV account.

macOS Today Widget, Share Extension, and Action Extension
The app's Today Widget gives you convenient access to your schedule. The new Share and Action Extensions make it super easy to get data into your calendar. Just select some text in Safari, Mail, or any other app that supports extensions and send it to the app instantly.

Power at your fingertips
The app supports availability and scheduling, allowing you to quickly find out if coworkers are available when creating a new event. Scheduling requires a supported server, such as Google Apps or Exchange. iCloud does not support availability.

Note: 14 days trial version. Requires 64-bit processor.

Download Fantastical for Mac Latest Version

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    • Support for Shortcuts on macOS Monterey
    • Support for time-sensitive notifications on macOS Monterey
    • Webex integration: Add your Webex account to attach Webex meetings directly to events using Fantastical!
    • Added option to create public meeting proposals that can be shared with many people through a URL
    • Added option to hide other invitees from meeting proposals until the event has been created
    • Added option to set guest permissions on Google events (whether invitees can see other guests, invite others, or modify the event)
    • Performance improvements opening event details when there are hundreds of invitees
    • Fixed an issue where modifying all future recurring events on Exchange could result in an extra event appearing
    • Fixed an issue where notifications for all-day tasks would disappear
    • Fixed an issue where moving a task between Google Tasks lists would show a duplicate
    • Fixed an issue where the date in the menu bar wouldn't update when the day changes
    • Fixed an issue where upcoming events without a title would appear as null in the menu bar
    • Fixed an issue where events deleted from a shared iCloud calendar on another device wouldn't be removed
    • Various improvements and bug fixes
    • Fixed an issue where widgets wouldn't load
    • Added option to automatically add Microsoft Teams meetings to new events
    • Added option to specify alternative hosts for Zoom meetings (requires a paid Zoom account)
    • Added support for detecting DialPad meetings (previous UberConference)
    • Fixed an issue where the intellij idea pycharm upcoming item in the menu bar would appear distorted
    • Fixed an issue importing some ics files with invalid data
    • Fixed an issue where changing the time zone of an event created from the parser could cause the end time change
    • Fixed an issue where recurring events on local On My Mac calendars could be missing
    • Fixed an issue where creating a new event from a template wouldn't include the alerts
    • Fixed RingCentral conference URLs with passwords not being detected correctly
    • Various improvements and bug fixes
    • It's now easier to see who has replied to each proposed time in meeting proposals
    • Added Fantastipal custom icon
    • The option to automatically adjust the app icon to system theme now works for all users
    • Fixed an issue where accepting a proposed time on an Exchange event could leave behind a duplicate event
    • Fixed an issue where calendar week numbers would not count correctly when the first weekday was set to something other than Sunday or Monday
    • Fixed an issue that caused the mini window to incorrectly snap to the wrong display when using multiple displays
    • Various improvements and bug fixes
    • Added options for custom app icons in the Dock
    • Added support for Working Elsewhere availability on Exchange
    • Added support for getting information about the selected events and tasks with AppleScript (get selected calendar items)
    • Moved some preferences from Appearance to a new Events & Tasks section
    • The mute upon entry option from Zoom's account settings now applies to new Zoom meetings
    • Fixed an issue where combining identical events didn't work in some situations
    • Fixed an issue adding attachments to Google events
    • Fixed an issue downloading Exchange attachments from old events
    • Fixed an issue where the Zoom meeting options could appear offscreen
    • Fixed an issue where check availability wasn't shown on some CalDAV servers
    • Fixed an issue where editing events on servers that contain invalid time zone data would cause the event times to shift
    • Fixed an issue where events that end at midnight could appear incorrectly in some situations
    • Fixed an issue where creating a task from a template would show the time twice
    • Various improvements and bug fixes
    • Updated to newer method of searching contacts on Google Contacts. You will need to reauthorize your Google accounts to be able to search Google Contacts.
    • Added support for Vowel meetings
    • Added an option to set a custom date for week numbers to start from
    • Error messages from servers are now shown less frequently when the server is down and unable to sync
    • Events that are from midnight to midnight will now appear in the all-day section of Day and Week view if the "Show multi-day events in all-day section" option is enabled
    • Fixed an issue where the day of the week could appear twice in the widgets when using certain languages
    • Fixed an issue where waking from sleep wouldn't update Google accounts as quickly as it should
    • Fixed an issue where the autocomplete suggestions for invitees and locations could appear at the same time
    • Fixed an issue where toggling an event between all-day and timed wouldn't reload the default alerts correctly
    • Fixed an issue where birthday events could appear as "Birthday" instead of the name of the person
    • Fixed an issue where adding a new Google account sometimes would sync tasks but not events
    • Fixed an issue where quickly making changes to a new event could cause unexpected behavior
    • Fixed an issue where changing calendar sets wouldn't update the default calendar or task list when creating new items
    • Fixed an issue uploading attachments to certain CalDAV servers
    • Various improvements and bug fixes
    • Invite with Cardhop: Use Cardhop to quickly invite people or groups to a new event in Fantastical
    • Flexibits Premium: one subscription, two apps. Get premium features for Fantastical and Cardhop when you subscribe
    • Fixed an issue where some paper sizes wouldn't appear on certain printers
    • Fixed an issue where sync could get stuck on unstable network connections
    • Fixed an issue where duplicating an event with a Zoom meeting attached wouldn't duplicate the notes correctly
    • Various improvements and bug fixes
    • Updated appearance when adding a Google Meet, Microsoft Teams meeting, or Zoom conference
    • Fixed an issue hiding a single instance of a recurring event
    • Fixed an issue where creating a Zoom meeting in a different time zone wouldn't set the time in Zoom correctly
    • Fixed an issue where changing an event from all-day to timed would shift the time of the event incorrectly on Google
    • Various fixes and improvements
    • Fixed a crash that some users encountered when an account had an incorrect password
    • Fixed the Enter Password button not working in some situations
    • Various fixes and improvements
    • Added support for CoScreen screen sharing URLs
    • Added support Microsoft Teams Gov conference URLs
    • Creating an email alert more than 28 days before the event on Google is no longer allowed because Google Calendar doesn't support it
    • URL field is now hidden on Google events because Google Calendar doesn't support it correctly
    • A warning is now shown when trying to edit a repeating task on Todoist
    • Fixed an issue where completing meeting proposals on iCloud wouldn't send an event invitation
    • Fixed an issue where long all-day titles for meeting proposals would look wrong in the list
    • Fixed an issue where all tasks from Reminders could appear in the search results
    • Fixed an issue where creating an Exchange event with invitees and attachments wouldn't send an invitation email
    • Fixed an issue where attachments on Google Calendar would be named Untitled
    • Fixed an issue where the Up Next widget wouldn't show the correct event when there's an event spanning multiple days
    • Fixed an issue where multiple sign in requests could appear in the browser when failing to sign in to Zoom, Google, or Office 365
    • Fixed an issue adding Outlook.com accounts
    • Various fixes and improvements
    • Added support for huddle net2phone conference URLs
    • Added support for Riverside.fm conference URLs
    • Fixed an issue where adding Exchange accounts with a separate email address and username wouldn't work
    • Fixed an issue where the same travel time notification could appearing repeatedly in certain situations
    • Fixed an issue where invitations sometimes couldn't be moved to other calendars
    • Fixed an issue where recurring events set to a fixed UTC offset would incorrectly get adjusted for Daylight Savings Time
    • Various fixes and improvements
    • Added Show As and Visibility to the right-click menu for events to make it easy to modify multiple events at once
    • Fixed an issue where invitees with emails containing trailing spaces wouldn't work
    • Fixed a crash when merging event conflicts that contained nonstandard alarms
    • Fixed a crash when trying to add certain accounts during the initial app setup
    • Various fixes and improvements
    • Added an option to show dots, a heat map, or no event indicators in the month view of widgets
    • Added an option to enable a waiting room when creating Zoom meetings
    • Added support for Gather.town conferences
    • Invitees are now sorted by acceptance state and name
    • Improvements to conference call detection
    • Fixed an issue where the due date of tasks from Reminders might not match what is shown in the Reminders app
    • Fixed an issue where joining some BlueJeans meetings wouldn't work
    • Fixed an issue where the join option wouldn't appear in the menu bar when multiple events were coming up at the same time
    • Fixed replying to a single instance of recurring Exchange events incorrectly notifying the organizer about all instances of the event
    • Fixed an issue where entering sentences in Spanish might not recognize the Fantastical 3.4.3 Crack MAC Full License Code {Latest 2021} Free as Spanish
    • Fixed an issue showing events in some Brazilian time zones
    • Fixed an issue where the menu bar item wouldn't update to show the number of remaining events in certain situations
    • Fixed an issue where event notifications that were swiped away could reappear on Big Sur
    • Fixed a crash in locations where the sun doesn't rise or set for part of the year
    • Various fixes and improvements
    • Added an option to choose the email that meeting proposals are sent from (add additional emails to your Flexibits account at hub.flexibits.com)
    • Added an option to resend meeting proposal emails to specific users
    • Added support for detecting Dialpad Meetings (formerly UberConference) links
    • Added an option to directly enter server settings when adding a new Exchange account
    • Fixed an issue where travel time wouldn't show suggestions when an explicit location hadn't been selected
    • Fixed an issue where the more label in month view might overlap an event
    • Fixed an issue where adding custom CalDAV and Exchange accounts wasn't working
    • Various fixes and improvements
    • Added option to choose which browser to use for conference calls
    • The time zone menu now shows the UTC offset of each time zone
    • Added support for combining events from Reclaim (reclaim.ai)
    • Added option to disable Microsoft Teams integration when adding an Office 365 account
    • Priority of tasks is now shown in the widgets
    • Up Next widget now includes birthdays and anniversaries set to include all-day events
    • Fixed an issue where the widget that shows the next two months wouldn't work
    • Fixed an issue where signing in to a different Flexibits account sometimes wouldn't work
    • Fixed a crash that could occur when modifying Interesting Calendars on another device
    • Various fixes and improvements
    • Fantastical 3.3.2 was replaced by Fantastical 3.3.3
    • Added support for TheraNest Appointments
    • Fixed a crash when opening the tasks popover on Big Sur
    • Fixed a crash when removing an interesting calendar from another device
    • Fixed some text in the widgets not appearing correctly in languages other than English
    • Various fixes and improvements
    • Updated design for macOS Big Sur
    • Compatibility with macOS Big Sur
    • Widgets for macOS Big Sur
    • Support for Apple silicon
    • Sunrise and sunset times are now shown in the weather forecast
    • Severe weather alerts are now shown in the list, widgets, and weather forecast
    • Added support for adding Microsoft Teams meetings to events on Office 365 (requires reauthenticating your Office 365 account)
    • Added option to automatically add Google Meet conferences to new invitations on Google accounts
    • Added support for detecting Skype, Doxy, SimplePractice, and BlueJeans Events URLs
    • Fixed an issue where responding to a single instance of a recurring event wouldn't work in some situations
    • Fixed an issue where creating an invitation with a Google Meet conference would send two emails to the invitees
    • Fixed an issue where checking availability could show events off by an hour
    • Fixed an issue where using the month view to drag an overdue task due to tomorrow wouldn't work in some situations
    • Fixed a crash on macOS High Sierra
    • Various fixes and improvements
    • Fixed an issue where adding Outlook.com accounts would fail after signing in
    • Fixed an issue where responding to a single instance of a recurring event wouldn't work in some situations
    • Fixed an issue where using the month view to drag an overdue task due to tomorrow wouldn't work in some situations
    • Fixed an issue where the Join button for a conference call might not look correct in Day or Week view
    • Fixed a crash on macOS High Sierra
    • Various fixes and improvements
    • Added support for Vonage meetings and Hopin sessions
    • Improved support for Exchange hybrid modern auth
    • Join buttons now appear in the Today widget again
    • Added an option to set travel time from the current location (if you're not already at a home or work location)
    • Performance improvements when horizontally scrolling in Day and Week views
    • Fixed Zoom meetings getting removed incorrectly when associated with some iCloud events
    • Fixed Zoom meetings getting removed incorrectly when deleting a single instance of a recurring event
    • Fixed a hang when trying to refresh Zoom meetings that no longer exist on Zoom
    • Various fixes and improvements
    • Added support for detecting Google Meet live streams and Hopin links
    • A password is no longer automatically added to Zoom PMI meetings if set in the Zoom account settings
    • Fixed search incorrectly being case sensitive
    • Fixed a crash when trying to add an invalid file as an attachment to an event on Google Calendar
    • Fixed a potential crash when loading weather forecasts
    • Various fixes and improvements
    • Added options to search only title, location, or attendees
    • Recurring events are now shown more prominently when viewing hidden items
    • Short back-to-back events are now less likely to overlap in Day and Week views
    • Fixed an issue where sync to Google could get stuck in some situations
    • Fixed an issue where sync errors on Zoom accounts sometimes wouldn't be shown
    • Fixed an issue where notifications for recurring events could disappear suddenly
    • Various fixes and improvements
    • Added support for RingCentral Video, Around, and Blackboard conference calls
    • Alerts are no longer shown for hidden items
    • Improved performance when viewing an event with hundreds of invitees
    • Fixed a potential crash when creating new tasks
    • Fixed an issue where custom alerts wouldn't appear correctly when an event has travel time
    • Fixed an issue where URLs could get removed from newly created events on Google Calendar
    • Fixed an issue where changing the color of an invitation on Google Calendar wouldn't stick in some cases
    • Fixed an issue adding Office 365 accounts when the account name contains certain non-Latin characters
    • Fixed adding an attendee to a repeating event on Exchange causing all attendees to get notified of changes
    • Fixed responding to all instances of a repeating Exchange invitation not responding to the modified instances of the invitation
    • Fixed some Zoom links not applying the meeting password automatically
    • Various fixes and improvements
    • Need help? Added option to contact Flexibits support to the Help menu
    • Added support for Circuit, Vidyo, and StarLeaf conference calls
    • Improved search speed when searching through many items from Reminders
    • Can now drag and drop to change the order of templates
    • Can now select multiple calendars and right-click to ignore alerts for all selected calendars
    • Fixed Zoom one-tap mobile numbers not being created correctly if a telephone password is specified
    • Fixed templates with alerts not automatically applying the alerts to new events
    • Fixed an issue where the currently visible date could get stuck far in the past
    • Fixed an issue where rescheduling an event image editing software - Activators Patch another device wouldn't hide the notification for the event
    • Fixed an issue creating Exchange events in the Lisbon time zone
    • Fixed an issue with the event preview in Day and Week view when creating an event that ends at midnight
    • Fixed an issue where tool tips when hovering over the month would sometimes show the wrong date
    • Various fixes and improvements
    • Added option to hide all instances of a repeating event
    • Added option to Zoom accounts to insert Zoom meeting URLs in the location
    • Fixed an issue where invitations from Exchange servers could appear as free instead of busy
    • Fixed Show Contact not working from birthdays and anniversaries
    • Fixed an issue where Todoist tasks wouldn't sync if changes were made while offline
    • Fixed a case where Exchange sync could hang if there are hundreds of thousands of emails in the inbox
    • Fixed a case where Exchange invitations wouldn't be matched correctly if the Exchange account is using an email alias
    • Various fixes and improvements
    • Fixed an issue signing in to new accounts
    • Hidden read-only events will now sync across devices
    • New option to manage hidden items in the calendar sets menu
    • Anniversary events are now shown more nicely with quick options to message, call, or email the contact
    • Added option to set the default transportation type for travel time notifications
    • Joining BlueJeans meetings will now directly Renee iPhone Recovery 2019.05.13.401 Crack With Activation key Free the BlueJeans app
    • Exchange events with Tentative and Out of Office availability can now be saved as templates
    • Creating a template from an event will no longer save Zoom or Google Meet meeting info in the template
    • Improvements to conference call detection
    • Duplicate alarms for the same event on multiple calendars are no longer shown as separate notifications
    • Improvements when handling unexpected event data on CalDAV and Exchange
    • Fixed moving an event across calendars while also making changes to the event details not saving the changes
    • Fixed an issue where creating a recurring event with an end date on Exchange would sometimes end the recurrence one day early
    • Fixed an issue where Exchange categories would not appear if the Exchange server sent invalid category settings
    • Fixed Zoom meeting info not being included in the notes in some situations
    • Fixed Day and Week views jumping dates when changing text size
    • Various fixes and improvements
    • Added support for BigBlueButton, Chime, Highfive, Lifesize, VooV, Whereby, and ZoomGov conference calls
    • Improved detection for certain types of Zoom, GoToMeeting, and BlueJeans links
    • Zoom and Microsoft Teams calls will open directly in the app when possible
    • Conference calls are now detected inside Microsoft ATP safe links
    • Better handling when moving an item with attachments across accounts
    • Fixed autocomplete not working in the location field
    • Fixed join button in Day and Week view appearing incorrectly at small text sizes
    • Fixed join icon in menu bar appearing upside down on 10.13 and 10.14
    • Fixed a crash on 10.13 when setting a custom repeat for an event
    • Various fixes and improvements
    • Added option to have calendar sets activate at a specific time: Have your Work calendar set activate in the morning and your Home calendar set activate in the evening!
    • Added conference call link detection for Zoom, Webex, Microsoft Teams, GoToMeeting, RingCentral Meetings, BlueJeans, and Skype for Business
    • Added “Show upcoming conference call in menu bar” option to Appearance preferences
    • Added Appearance preferences to set customize different themes for light and dark mode
    • Upcoming events with a conference call will show a Join button in the list, Day, and Week view
    • Events with a conference call now show a badge in the list, Day, and Week view
    • Creating a Zoom meeting now respects the Personal Meeting ID default setting for Zoom accounts
    • Performance improvements in some situations if Reminders isn’t behaving properly on your computer
    • Fixed moving an invitation from one calendar to another on the same Google account
    • Fixed an issue toggling all-day on a task from Reminders
    • Fixed an issue creating Zoom meetings if certain password restrictions are set on the Zoom account
    • Fixed an issue creating Zoom PMI meetings using the PMI password that was set on the Zoom account
    • Fixed an issue where due dates on Google Tasks could be off by a day
    • Fixed an issue where combining events wouldn’t combine them based on the order of accounts
    • Fixed duplicating all-day events not creating an all-day task
    • Fixed an issue where snoozing a task could cause the due date to change
    • Fixed a potential crash when deleting all events on a day
    • Fixed a crash dragging tasks from the tasks sidebar to the month view
    • Fixed tasks assigned to yourself in Todoist getting hidden incorrectly
    • Fixed not being able to hide single instances of read-only recurring events
    • Fixed not being able to add a Google Meet call to a single instance of a recurring event
    • Fixed an issue where editing a recurring Google Calendar event could cause it to lose its custom color
    • Various fixes and improvements
    • Minor performance improvements in some situations
    • Reduced bandwidth usage when syncing delegated Exchange calendars that aren't visible
    • Fixed an issue where task due dates could appear incorrectly when the system calendar is set to Japanese
    • Fixed an issue where recurring event invitations could show too many copies in the notifications section
    • Fixed an issue where the height of notes was calculated incorrectly with some Korean text
    • Fixed an issue where tasks a priority could appear with duplicated titles in the list
    • Fixed a crash when forwarding events on Exchange accounts
    • Fixed a crash when refreshing invitees on Meetup events
    • Various fixes and improvements
    • Can now create all-day tasks for Reminders, CalDAV, and Exchange!
    • Added a setting to choose what time notifications for all-day tasks appear
    • Zoom meetings now automatically have a password set for the meeting to increase meeting security
    • Improved URL detection in Todoist tasks
    • Fixed an issue where invitee and conference room suggestions wouldn't appearing for Exchange and Office 365 accounts
    • Fixed a potential crash on app launch
    • Various fixes and improvements
    • Todoist tasks with URLs in the title will now show the URL separately
    • Added an option to hide Todoist tasks that are assigned to other people
    • Duplicating a task as an event now adds default alerts to the event
    • Minor performance improvements
    • Fixed an issue moving events with Zoom meetings that had long notes
    • Fixed an issue where Fantastical could use too much memory when using Day or Week view
    • Fixed an incorrect warning when moving invitations across calendars on the same server
    • Fixed an issue where time to leave notifications for an event could appear more than once
    • Fixed an issue syncing all-day tasks on Exchange
    • Various fixes and improvements
    • Added a "1 minute before" alert option
    • Performance improvements when resizing Fantastical's window with month view visible
    • Fixed an issue where default alerts weren't added to accepted invitations
    • Fixed an issue where Office 365 accounts wouldn't prompt for reauthorization if the login expires
    • Fixed an issue where the next upcoming event in the menu bar wouldn't update when the day changes
    • Fixed an issue where choosing a template from the calendar window wouldn't keep the selected date when the sidebar is hidden
    • Fixed an issue where long events could appear at the wrong time when the option to only show hours from day start to end is enabled
    • Fixed an issue importing ics files that are part of a recurring event into Exchange calendars
    • Various fixes and improvements
    • Fixed an issue where events and tasks wouldn't undim after clearing a search
    • Fixed an issue where changing the primary email address of the Flexibits account wouldn't be reflected in the app
    • Fixed an issue where adding attachments on old versions of Exchange server might not work
    • Fixed an issue where some completed Google Tasks might not be synced
    • Fixed an issue where Fantastical could use more CPU than expected in some situations
    • Fixed Exchange categories not appearing in alphabetical order
    • Fixed a crash at launch that people encountered when local calendars was enabled
    • Various fixes and improvements
    • Hidden calendars are now marked more clearly when autocompleting calendars in the parser
    • Improved app responsiveness when deleting multiple events at once
    • Improved handling of failed logins to the Flexibits account when using Sign in with Apple or Sign in with Google
    • Notes for Zoom conference calls update more quickly when updating Zoom options
    • Fixed an issue where Google attachments and Google Tasks wouldn't work immediately after enabling new integrations when upgrading from Fantastical 2
    • Fixed all-day tasks immediately appearing as overdue on the day that they're due
    • Fixed event availability not being set when creating an event from a template
    • Minor performance improvements loading large numbers of events and tasks
    • Various fixes and improvements
    • Fixed an issue where the mini window wouldn't appear correctly when made full screen
    • Fixed an issue where a Zoom conference invitation would be sent multiple times
    • Fixed an issue where Zoom conferences would incorrectly appear with a Google Hangouts button
    • Fixed an issue where deleting a single instance of a recurring event on Google didn't work in some situations
    • Fixed some potential crashes
    • Various fixes and improvements
    • Completed tasks will now be hidden automatically after 10 seconds
    • Fixed an issue where deleting a single instance of a recurring event on Google didn't work in some situations
    • Fixed an issue where accepting an invitation on Exchange wouldn't change the status from Tentative to Busy
    • Fixed an issue where some new accounts could get stuck waiting for email verification
    • Fixed some potential crashes
    • Various fixes and improvements
    • Attaching a Zoom meeting to an Exchange event now updates the event notes with the Zoom meeting info
    • Fixed responding to Meetup events
    • Fixed dragging Todoist tasks from all-day to the timed section in Day and Week view
    • Fixed floating time zone events appearing incorrectly when using time zone override
    • Fixed location-based calendar sets not activating
    • Fixed some potential crashes
    • Various fixes and improvements
    • Welcome to the new Fantastical!
    • Fixed a crash at launch when using Google accounts
    • Fixed a crash when responding to certain recurring invitations
    • Fixed updates being sent to attendees when changing an alert on Exchange
    • Various fixes and improvements
    • Improved responding to all instances of a repeating event invitation
    • Fixed an issue showing events that repeat on the first weekday of the month on Exchange
    • Fixed an issue where the window would flash when moving Wise Registry Cleaner Pro reminder on macOS Catalina
    • Various fixes and improvements
    • Fantastical will ask you to reauthorize your G Suite account if Google Admin API access has been disabled by your organization
    • All-day reminders are shown more clearly in month view
    • Right-click or control-click on a map preview to choose to open the map in Apple Maps or Google Maps
    • Fixed Google Hangouts URLs appearing incorrectly for certain types of recurring events
    • Fixed a sync issue when encountering certain kinds of rare server errors
    • Various fixes and improvements
    • Improved detection of upgraded Reminders on macOS Catalina
    • Support for Reminders on macOS Catalina
    • Support for Voice Control on macOS Catalina
    • Fixed an issue where Fantastical wouldn't reopen on the correct display when using multiple displays
    • Fixed an issue where Propose New Time would appear incorrectly on some Exchange events
    • Fixed an issue where syncing with Exchange Server 2007 didn't work for some people
    • Various fixes and improvements
    • Add an option to snooze 12 hours when clicking and holding on the Snooze button in a notification
    • Can now horizontally resize the preferences window on the Calendars tab
    • Internal performance improvements to the parser
    • Fixed some yearly recurring events appearing as monthly in the description
    • Fixed accepting invitations not applying the correct free/busy availability in some situations
    • Fixed an issue where blank iCloud shared calendar notifications would sometimes appear
    • Fixed an issue replying to invitations that don't request a response on Exchange 2013 servers
    • Fixed an issue where Propose New Time wouldn't appear for recurring events on Exchange accounts
    • Fixed an issue where sending iCloud invitations in some time zones would result in the time in the email being off by an hour
    • Various fixes and improvements
    • Fixed an issue connecting to some Exchange 2013 servers
    • Various fixes and improvements
    • Event alerts are now sorted by when they will appear
    • Priority of reminders is now shown when printing
    • Fantastical no longer allows moving invitations between calendars on Exchange, as Exchange Fantastical 3.4.3 Crack MAC Full License Code {Latest 2021} Free doesn't support it
    • Command-click on URLs in event or reminder details to open the link in the background
    • Accepting an invitation for a timed event marked as free will no longer automatically set the availability to busy
    • Birthdays on February 29 are now shown on February 28 instead of March 1 on non-leap years
    • Month and event list are now linked when using VoiceOver (use VO-J to switch between a day in the month and list)
    • Fixed an issue where the "Organize reminders by list" setting wouldn't sort reminders across multiple accounts correctly
    • Fixed an issue where completing reminders in the "more" section of the Month view wouldn't work
    • Various fixes and improvements
    • Email All Invitees now automatically includes the title, location, time, and notes of the event in the email body
    • Search now includes invitee names and emails
    • Fixed an issue where Chinese birthdays with no year wouldn't appear correctly
    • Various fixes and improvements
    • Added a workaround for Letasoft Sound Booster Cracked With Torrent [Full Latest Edition] 2021 bug on iCloud where importing some ics files could show a 403 error
    • Added support for Tabloid and Tabloid Oversize paper sizes when printing
    • Fixed control-clicking in the Day, Week, or Month view sometimes causing a mouse drag to begin
    • Fixed completed reminder checkbox appearing the wrong color in some situations
    • Various fixes and improvements
    • Today Widget now appears correctly in Dark Mode on macOS Mojave
    • Various fixes and improvements
    • Support for Dark Mode on macOS Mojave
    • Various fixes and improvements
    • Fixed an issue where some users encountered errors when saving reminders on iCloud
    • Can now send a response message for invitations that you've already accepted
    • Importing a ics file with a cancelled event will now delete the event if it already exists
    • Fixed an issue editing All Future Events of recurring events on Exchange in some time zones
    • Fixed an issue uploading attachments to iCloud with special characters in the file name
    • Various fixes and improvements
    • Improved layout in Day and Week view when there are multiple overlapping events with long locations
    • Fixed a problem where some Meetup accounts couldn't log in
    • Fixed not being able to show the mini window over full screen apps when the Dock icon is hidden
    • Various fixes and improvements
    • Support for Meetup.com: Add your Meetup account to Fantastical to view and attend your meetups
    • Added support for sending and receiving new time proposals on Exchange, iCloud, Google, and other CalDAV accounts
    • Added support for sending Exchange invitations that don't require responses from invitees
    • Added option to show timed events that span more than one day in the all-day section of the Day or Week views
    • Timed events that span more than one day will show their start and end times in the Month view (space permitting)
    • The mini window can now be placed in Split View full screen with other apps
    • Added option to show current calendar week in Dock icon or menu bar icon
    • Added URL handler to change calendar sets (x-fantastical://show/set?name=My Calendar Set)
    • Added ability to enable or disable multiple calendars at once when editing calendar sets by selecting multiple rows
    • Pressing the option key while editing the start time of an event will keep the end time the same
    • Selecting an event in Day or Week view and pressing control-option-up/down arrow adjusts the start time of the event and pressing control-shift-up/down arrow adjusts the end time
    • Using a mouse with a scroll wheel to scroll the Month view will now feel more natural
    • Improved labeling of Exchange invitations where the organizer didn't request a response
    • Improved labeling of custom anniversary dates from Contacts
    • Improved performance loading subscriptions with hundreds or thousands of events
    • Fixed an issue where dragging from OmniFocus wouldn't be shown at the correct time in Day or Week view
    • Various fixes and improvements
    • Allow changing an event's time zone after it is set to GMT
    • Fixed a potential crash when receiving an invitation response notification for a recurring event on some CalDAV servers
    • Fixed a problem where it was difficult to drag and resize some events in Day and Week views
    • Workaround for a compatibility issue between macOS and IIS 10 (Exchange Server 2016)
    • Various fixes and improvements
    • Fixed some Facebook accounts showing sync errors
    • Fixed an issue where adding Google accounts wasn't working for some people
    • Forwarding a recurring Exchange event now gives the option to forward the entire series or just one instance
    • Added support for creating events with invitees through AppleScript or the URL scheme
    • Added a contextual menu to Join Google Hangout button to copy the URL
    • Improved handling when URLs are put next to each other without spaces in notes
    • Fixed an issue where some recurring events would ignore Daylight Saving Time changes on Google Fantastical 3.4.3 Crack MAC Full License Code {Latest 2021} Free fixes and improvements
    • Various fixes and improvements
    • Added notifications when an invitee responds to an invitation on Exchange
    • Events with lots of details can now be scrolled in the Day view
    • Improved appearance of Spotlight results when using the menu bar and Dock dark theme
    • Travel time menu will now show home and work addresses all the time
    • Fixed a visual issue in Month view on macOS El Capitan
    • Fixed an issue where daily repeating events that span midnight wouldn't appear correctly in Week view
    • Fixed an issue where the Dock badge wouldn't update immediately when a shared calendar notification was added or removed
    • Fixed an issue with Daylight Saving Time in Brazil
    • Fixed an issue where the Week or Month views would sometimes appear blank at launch
    • Various fixes and improvements
    • Fantastical's events and reminders are now shown in Spotlight search results (requires High Sierra)
    • Improved support for repeating Facebook events
    • Extra Google Hangout and Google Meet notes sent by Google Calendar are now hidden
    • HTML tags in notes are now hidden
    • Using AppleScript to add multiple items no longer requires a delay between each parse sentence command
    • Fixed an issue on High Sierra where event tooltips could appear upside down
    • Various fixes and improvements
    • Fixed an issue where Google calendar would incorrectly try to reauthorize
    • Support for Cardhop, our new app that makes your contacts fun to use. If you have Cardhop installed, viewing a person's contact info from an invitation, birthday, or anniversary in Fantastical will now show the contact in Cardhop.
    • Added an option to skip empty days for Day and List views when printing multiple days
    • Fixed a potential crash when using AppleScript to add items
    • Various fixes and improvements
    • Ready for macOS High Sierra
    • Creating an invitation with attachments on Exchange now includes the attachment in the initial invitation email
    • Improved compatibility with some Exchange 2016 servers
    • Fixed not being able to complete reminders from the Today widget
    • Fixed colors of delegated Exchange calendars sometimes getting reset
    • Fixed an issue where Fantastical could ask for an app-specific password twice in some situations
    • Various fixes and improvements
    • Fixed a crash when syncing with certain CalDAV servers
    • Fixed an error when trying to download invalid attachments on some Exchange servers
    • Various fixes and improvements
    • Attachments!
    • View, create, and edit attachments on iCloud and Exchange
    • View attachments on Google Calendar
    • Travel Time!
    • Receive notifications when you need to leave to reach an event on time
    • Define travel time so you can plan how long it will take to reach an event
    • Fantastical will now combine identical events that are on multiple calendars (this can be disabled in the preferences)
    • Undo and redo adding, editing, and deleting events and reminders
    • Facebook push updates shows new and updated events immediately
    • Click “more.” on a busy day in the Month view to show more events and reminders
    • Customize the number of weeks shown in the month view
    • Include a message when responding to Google Calendar invitations
    • The number of guests of invitees is Wondershare Dr.Fone Full Toolkit Patch shown on Google Calendar invitations
    • Forward invitations to other people on Exchange accounts
    • Click and hold on the Accept, Decline, or Maybe buttons to respond to an Exchange invitation without sending a message to the sender
    • Anniversaries from contacts show the year of the anniversary, if available
    • Facebook events in secret groups are now shown
    • Various fixes and improvements
    • iCloud will require two-factor authentication and an app-specific password on June 15. This update contains instructions to set up two-factor authentication and generate an app-specific password. Your iCloud account will stop syncing if you do not take action.
    • Can now set categories on Exchange tasks
    • Performance improvements in Day and Week views
    • Smoother horizontal and vertical scrolling in Day and Week views when using a Magic Mouse
    • VoiceOver: Left sidebar is now a separate group to simplify navigation
    • Fixed not being able to respond to invitations when connecting to Kerio Connect over Exchange
    • Fixed default all-day alerts not being saved in some situations
    • Fixed reminders on Exchange accounts not being deleted on the server
    • Various fixes and improvements
    • Fixed a potential hang when loading certain recurring events
    • Fixed events appearing offset in some time zones
    • Fixes when using quotes virtual dj pro 7 serial number - Crack Key For U perform a literal search
    • Improved matching when searching for conference rooms on a CalDAV server
    • Various fixes and improvements
    • Fixed birthdays sometimes appearing duplicated when changing time zones
    • Fixed a crash with some Exchange delegates
    • Improved handling of all-day recurring events
    • Workaround for a sporadic 403 error appearing for some iCloud users
    • Added support for Google's new login requirements
    • Press option while right-clicking on an invitation in the invitations section to ignore all pending invitations
    • Can now create events that repeat every month on the 1st through 20th weekday (for iCloud, Google, and other CalDAV accounts)
    • Mail events using Newton when it is set as your default email reader
    • Performance improvements with very large calendars
    • Improved app launch time with large numbers of birthdays from Contacts
    • Fixed an issue with some recurring events repeating one time too many or one time too few
    • Fixed an issue with event invitations sometimes being modified when viewing them
    • Fixed creating an invitation on a delegated Exchange calendar not sending emails to the invitees
    • Fixed a potential crash when replying to Facebook events
    • Fixed Fantastical not launching on versions of macOS El Capitan 10.11 through 10.11.4
    • Various fixes and improvements
    • Added Copy Day as Text to Edit menu to copy the schedule for a day as text (press the option key to Copy Week as Text)
    • Dragging from the left edge of the window will reveal the sidebar if it has been hidden
    • Links in an event's location are now clickable
    • Fixed not being able to paste some text into the URL field
    • Improved compatibility with Wacom tablets
    • Improved account setup with some CalDAV servers
    • Various fixes and improvements
    • Improved reliability when syncing Office 365 accounts
    • Pressing the option and shift keys while checking a calendar when managing calendar sets will disable all calendars except for the checked calendar (this makes it easier to create a calendar set with just one calendar)
    • Fixed a case where the first instance of a recurring event could appear twice
    • Various fixes and improvements
    • Touch Bar support for the new MacBook Pro
    • New Add Detected Invitees option (⌘⌥⇧I) to automatically add invitees detected in a sentence (for example, "Lunch meeting with John tomorrow at 12:30pm")
    • Added option to complete reminder when clicking and holding on the Snooze button of a Reminder notification
    • Fixed dragging reminders without a due date from the Reminders section into the calendar Fantastical 3.4.3 Crack MAC Full License Code {Latest 2021} Free view
    • Minor performance improvements in the Month view
    • Fixed visual glitch when using Graphite theme on macOS Sierra
    • Various fixes and improvements
    • macOS Sierra (10.12) compatibility
    • Fantastical 2 now requires macOS El Capitan (10.11) or macOS Sierra (10.12)
    • Hide, show, and resize the sidebar in the full calendar window
    • Set a different default calendar and reminder list for each calendar set
    • Improved Facebook support: faster updates, accept or decline invitations, and set alerts for eset internet security license - Crack Key For U upcoming events
    • Improved Office 365 login support for accounts that use two-factor authentication or a single-sign-on service
    • Press control and shift and hover over overlapping events in the Day or Week view to quickly view more details
    • Press control and an arrow key to reschedule a selected event or reminder
    • Added support for mouse scroll wheels in the Day, Week, Month, and Year views
    • Added option to not notify the organizer of an Exchange invitation when deleting the invitation
    • Various fixes and improvements
    • Mail events using Mailplane when it is set as your default email reader
    • Printing a very long list of events on a single day will now print across multiple pages
    • Fixed not being able to delete instances of a recurring floating time zone event
    • Fixed an issue where Google push updates could stop working on some networks after waking from sleep
    • Fixed birthday alerts not appearing in some situations
    • Fixed an issue where event details wouldn't appear immediately when opening an ics file
    • Fantastical will now show an error if it detects a problem with its database and will automatically try to repair it
    • Various fixes and improvements
    • Added option to ignore shared calendar notifications on shared iCloud calendars
    • Added option to export an entire calendar as an ics file
    • Launching Fantastical now shows alerts that should have appeared recently (but couldn't since Fantastical wasn't running)
    • Improved importing certain types of recurring events from ics files
    • Improved compatibility with Airmail 3
    • Various fixes and improvements
    • Chinese lunar birthdays are now shown on the Birthdays calendar
    • Improved searching for Google resources and rooms
    • Fixed an issue where viewing some days in the week view could crash
    • Fixed an issue where Google graphpad download updates could stop working
    • Various fixes and improvements
    • Support for Google Apps rooms and resources when adding invitees (Fantastical will ask you to log in to your Google Apps account to enable this new feature)
    • Added support for Public Folders on Exchange
    • New option to duplicate events as a reminder, or duplicate reminders as an event (Edit menu > Duplicate as Event or Duplicate as Reminder)
    • Improved layout in Day and Week views when there are many overlapping events
    • Added option to hide reminders when printing
    • Added Cut, Copy, and Paste to contextual menus
    • Can now drag and drop items onto the list to reschedule them
    • "No response requested" events on Exchange are now handled better
    • Changing invitees for an Exchange event will now ask if the update should be sent to all invitees or just the changed invitees
    • Fixed an issue where some Exchange accounts wouldn't sync on OS X Yosemite
    • Improved compatibility with Exchange Server 2007 and Kerio Connect
    • Accessibility improvements
    • Various fixes and improvements
    • Improved reliability of Exchange account setup
    • Fixed some Exchange accounts showing a "GetUserConfiguration (Categories)" error
    • Fixed sometimes asking to save a recurring event when viewing it and not making changes
    • Changing an event between all-day and timed will update the alerts more naturally
    • Fixed event cancelation notifications appearing even if Ignore Alerts was enabled for the calendar
    • Fewer Exchange errors are shown if using a corporate Exchange account while not the corporate network
    • Prompts about untrusted certificates are shown less frequently (such as when you're connecting to airport or hotel Wi-Fi)
    • Improved compatibility on OS X Yosemite
    • Various fixes and improvements
    • Native Exchange support (respond to invitations, free/busy lookup, people lookup, and more!)
    • View availability of attendees, if supported by the server (not supported by iCloud)
    • Printing
    • iCloud shared calendar notifications
    • Invitee response notifications when someone accepts or declines your invitation
    • Google Hangout links are now shown with Google Apps accounts
    • Push for Google accounts shows changes immediately
    • Receive suggestions from Google Contacts when adding invitees
    • Location suggestions now appear as you type in sentences for new events
    • Multiple selection (move and delete multiple items at once)
    • Drag and drop the preview to reschedule events and reminders as you're creating them
    • Second time line with custom time zone for day and week views (Thanks, Hamid!)
    • Added preference to start month view on the current week
    • Selected date is now highlighted in week and month views
    • Improved year view makes it easier to see very busy days
    • Faster search when using calendars with large numbers of recurring events
    • Importing events from .ics files will now add default alerts to the imported events
    • Set the refresh rate of individual subscribed calendars
    • Incorrect password errors are no longer persistent
    • Use Apple Mail or Airmail to send event invitations and responses when using a CalDAV server that doesn't support server-side invitations
    • Mail events using Airmail when it is set as your default email reader
    • General performance improvements throughout the app
    • Various fixes and improvements
    • Improvements for text alignment on Retina displays
    • Improved search speed
    • Fixed a potential crash when some servers return invalid data
    • Fixed an issue where the new event preview would get stuck in the week and month views
    • Fixed a visual glitch in the date picker when region is set to Canada
    • Fixed a visual glitch in the list for certain Japanese events
    • Fixed editing events with zero duration on Google Calendar
    • Fixed an issue with the mini window when plugging or unplugging an external display
    • Various fixes and improvements
    • Fixed a situation where some accounts wouldn't update in the background automatically
    • Fixed dates for contacts that were incorrectly showing up on the Anniversary calendar
    • Fixed an issue where searching events with hyphens in the title wouldn't return the correct results
    • Various fixes and improvements
    • Various performance improvements
    • Canceled event invitations are now shown as notifications
    • Contextual menus for events and reminders can now be shown when using VoiceOver
    • Fixed an issue where new invitations sometimes wouldn't appear in the invitations section
    • Fixed an issue where all-day repeating events could appear on an extra day due to daylight saving time
    • Fixed a potential hang when editing recurring events from the mini window
    • Fixed a problem with changing days when using a Japanese calendar
    • Fixed an issue creating events when using a Japanese calendar
    • Various fixes and improvements
    • Various fixes and improvements
    • Added option to set events as public or private on Google Calendar
    • Using the keyboard shortcut (command-E) to show details now auto-selects the notes field
    • Improvements to Split View when using OS X El Capitan
    • Added options to Send Email and Show Contact Card to invitees when adding a new event
    • Accessibility improvements to reminders in Day, Week, and Month views
    • Can now mark invitees to events as optional when adding new invitees
    • Various fixes and improvements
    • Ability to scroll to a specific day or week in the Week and Month views when using a trackpad
    • Reminders now appear in the Day, Week, and Month views
    • Reminders can now be organized by list
    • Cut, copy, Fantastical 3.4.3 Crack MAC Full License Code {Latest 2021} Free paste events and reminders
    • Added Dock app icon badge preference
    • Additional options for Menu bar icon preference
    • Text size setting now adjusts the text size in the Day, Week, and Month views
    • Added Extra Small and Huge text size options
    • Arrow keys can now navigate in the Day, Week, and Month views
    • Invitee autocomplete now includes other users on CalDAV servers that support user lookup
    • Improved drag-and-drop when dragging events or reminders to the Finder
    • Use a pinch-and-zoom gesture to change the number of hours in the Day and Week views
    • All-day section in Day and Week views now shows more events
    • Added Message with Sound alerts for birthdays
    • Drag-and-drop URLs or text on event or reminder details to change the URL or note
    • Added preference to disable going to today after adding new items
    • Performance improvements when loading events with huge numbers of invitees
    • Fixed an issue where the incorrect date would sometimes be shown when opening Fantastical
    • Fixed an issue where times could appear shifted in the Day and Week views
    • Fixed an issue where alerts couldn't be removed on Google Calendar
    • Fixed an issue where a single instance of a recurring invitation wouldn't appear in the pending invitations section
    • Fixed an issue where some invitations imported from .ics files didn't allow responding to them
    • Various fixes and improvements
    • Various fixes and improvements
    • Added pop-up calendar when editing start and end dates
    • Added time picker to quickly choose an end time when editing an event
    • Added time zone pull-down menu (when time zone override is enabled)
    • Quickly cycle through detected invitees by pressing command-shift-I while entering an event (type in a sentence such as "Lunch with John" then press command-shift-I)
    • Creating events from OmniFocus now includes a URL linking back to OmniFocus
    • Creating events from Mail now includes a URL linking back to Mail
    • Various fixes and improvements
    • Fantastical 2.0.5 was replaced by 2.0.6 due to a critical bug
    • Added pending invitations section to view all incoming invitations
    • Added new appearance for birthday events
    • Option-dragging in the week view now quickly creates an event that repeats multiple days at the same time
    • Added option to set an event's free or busy status
    • Added support for dragging items from OmniFocus into Fantastical to create an event
    • Added support for dragging text from other apps into Fantastical to create an event
    • Alerts for calendars that aren't editable can now be disabled
    • Default snooze duration can now be changed by clicking and holding on the Snooze button and selecting a different snooze interval while holding the option key
    • Multiple invitees in the event details can now be copied
    • Option-clicking an alert notification will now dismiss all other alert notifications
    • Opening .ics files with canceled meetings will now cancel existing meetings if necessary
    • Fixed crash on launch that could occur when loading subscriptions with invalid data
    • Fixed an issue where hours in the day view would sometimes not line up correctly after exiting full screen
    • Fixed an issue where clicking in event details wouldn't work correctly with Force Touch trackpads
    • Various fixes and improvements
    • Added "Manage Delegates" button for Google accounts
    • Fixed duplicate alarm notifications sometimes appearing
    • Fixed alarms sometimes appearing delayed when waking from sleep
    • Fixed an issue where recurring events in subscriptions wouldn't appear
    • Fixed the mini window appearing incorrectly in some instances on small screens
    • Reduced CPU antares autotune pro 9.0.1 crack - Activators Patch when syncing large calendars
    • Fixed changes made while offline sometimes not being uploaded correctly
    • Password-protected subscriptions now prompt for the password
    • Can now snooze events until the start time
    • Compatibility fixes with certain CalDAV servers
    • Fixed Exchange events not snoozing correctly
    • Fixed sign in issues with Google Apps accounts that use Okta
    • Various fixes and improvements
    • Improved iCloud account setup when entering an incorrect password
    • Faster loading of Exchange & local calendars
    • Improved account setup when connecting to CalendarServer and OS X Server
    • Today Widget now shows only upcoming events if there isn't enough room for a complete schedule
    • Shared and delegated calendars are now marked in the Calendar Preferences
    • Fixed a potential crash when adding a Google account
    • Fixed completed Exchange reminders always appearing in the Reminders List
    • Fixed search not returning local and Exchange results consistently
    • Fixed a 404 error when trying to connect to ownCloud servers
    • Fixed an issue where editing alerts on Google Calendar would show an error
    • Sorting by priority in the Reminders List is no longer backwards
    • Fixed an issue showing canceled events that have no title
    • Fixed alerts for declined events appearing sometimes
    • Fixed an issue when TextExpander activated eset nod32 antivirus license key - Activators Patch typing into the input field
    • Fixed an issue where changing a calendar's color wouldn't take effect immediately
    • Various fixes and improvements
    • Fixed an issue where Fantastical 2 could crash when setting up accounts
    • Fixed a problem where some events would not appear
    • Various fixes and improvements
    • Various fixes and improvements
    • This is the final release for Fantastical 1 and support has now officially ended
    • Better handling of app-specific passwords for iCloud accounts using two-step verification
    • Fixed prompt for Google account password appearing for some users
    • Various fixes and improvements
    • Fixed a problem where Fantastical would not launch on OS X Snow Leopard
    • Fixed a problem where clicking Fantastical's icon would temporarily show the incorrect date
    • Fixed a problem where disabled accounts would appear in Fantastical
    • Fixed a potential crash when encountering invalid event data
    • Fixed not being able to interact with the server password prompt when using VoiceOver
    • Various fixes and improvements
    • Various fixes and improvements
    • Various fixes and improvements
    • Fixed an issue where the due time would reset incorrectly when completing a recurring reminder
    • Reminders are now shown as overdue only when the due time passes, not at the beginning of the day
    • Various fixes and improvements
    • Fixes a crash on launch that occurred with certain configurations
    • Various fixes and improvements
    • Reminders now have due times!
    • Fixed a problem where errors would appear when using iCloud
    • Fixed an issue where events sometimes wouldn't update from Outlook
    • Fixed a problem where Fantastical would appear partially offscreen when using multiple displays on OS X Mavericks 10.9
    • Fixed a potential hang when creating events with invitees on OS X Mavericks 10.9
    • Various fixes and improvements
    • Various fixes for OS X Mavericks 10.9
    • Fixed date highlight when creating events that span multiple dates
    • Other bug fixes and improvements
    • Various fixes and improvements
    • Fixed a bug where email alarms might not show the correct email address on OS X 10.8
    • Fixed a bug where the input area would get resized incorrectly when typing in certain sentences
    • Fixed a bug when using non-Gregorian calendars
    • Fixed a bug in search when using /calendarname
    • Various fixes and improvements
    • Pressing return in the location field now adds the event instead of adding a new line
    • Fixed the event/reminder switch not respecting user settings
    • Fixed an issue where Fantastical could hang at startup
    • Fixed an issue with all day events when changing the system's time zone
    • Fixed a situation where the new event preview in the calendar could get stuck "on"
    • Fixed a bug where entering something like "task laundry" would create an event instead of a reminder
    • Fixed a bug where clicking URLs sometimes didn't work
    • Fixed a bug where /calendarname would choose disabled calendars instead of enabled calendars
    • Fixed a bug adding events to certain calendars in Outlook
    • Fixed some parser issues
    • Various fixes and improvements
    • Specify the calendar for new events by adding "calendar [calendar name]" (e.g. "Lunch tomorrow at 1pm calendar home")
    • Disabled delegated accounts are no longer included in the calendar list
    • Date pickers now autocomplete two-digit years (typing 13 will autocomplete to 2013)
    • Events now update more quickly when using Microsoft Outlook
    • Fixed a hang when loading subscribed calendars with invalid events
    • Fixed details window disappearing when a search is active
    • Fantastical no longer tries to stay active when switching Spaces
    • Minor fixes and improvements to the parser
    • Various fixes and improvements
    • Fixed crash when using Outlook
    • Fixed crash when editing reminders
    • Fixed "Last selected calendar" preference not sticking
    • Improved handling of quoted text when entering sentences
    • Dark colored calendars are now more visible in the event list
    • Various fixes and improvements
    • Improved search speed
    • Updated Daylight Savings Time information for some countries
    • Fixed compatibility issues with BusyCal 2
    • Fixed the date in the color icon on Retina displays
    • Fixed an error that could occur when editing an event that is duplicated on multiple calendars
    • Fixed attendees sometimes not auto-completing
    • Fixed the event details sometimes getting reset while editing an event
    • Various bug fixes and other improvements
    • Improved search speed
    • Improved recurring reminder creation
    • Delete button now works when editing an item
    • Syncing fixes for Google Calendar on Mountain Lion
    • Fixed some cases where editing recurring event dates would result in incorrect dates
    • Fixed an error where new events could attempt to get added to a read-only calendar
    • User interface sounds now play through the Sound Effects audio output
    • Various bug fixes and other improvements
    • OS X Mountain Lion compatibility
    • Enhanced for the MacBook Pro with Retina display
    • Added support for simple repeating reminders
    • Pressing the space bar with a selected reminder now toggles the completion state
    • Improved performance for users with thousands of reminders
    • Fixed error that could appear when loading reminders
    • Fixed a hang when completing certain repeating reminders
    • Fixed a problem when setting the next due date of certain repeating reminders
    • Fixed a potential problem for iCloud users who have a pre-MobileMe account that was originally set up with mac.com
    • Various bug fixes and improvements
    • Completed reminders are now hidden by default
    • Completed reminders are now automatically hidden after 5 minutes rather than 8 hours
    • Fixed an issue where the Fantastical icon would appear blank in the menu bar
    • Fixed a scenario where reminders with long titles wouldn't expand to multiple lines properly
    • Fixed a problem where Fantastical was unable to load calendars from Entourage
    • Various bug fixes and improvements
    • Want to try Fantastical again for free? All trial periods have been reset so you can use Fantastical for free for two weeks.
    • Reminders! Create, edit, and view iCal and iOS reminders in Fantastical!
    • Outlook: Editing or deleting an event with invitees now sends an update notice to the invitees
    • Various bug fixes and improvements
    • Fixes a potential crash on French systems
    • Fixes past events not dimming correctly sometimes
    • Fixes a bug where some recurring events would not appear when using Outlook
    • Various minor fixes and parsing improvements
    • Restores iCloud syncing
    • Other minor fixes and improvements
    • This update will prompt you for access to your Keychain again. This is necessary in preparation for Gatekeeper.
    • The event list can now be resized vertically by dragging the bottom edge of Fantastical (OS X Lion only)
    • Search now includes event notes
    • Tomorrow now appears as "Tomorrow" in the event list rather than the actual day
    • Typing d/h/m in the alarm interval field now sets alarm details quickly
    • Added Australian time zones
    • Improved handling of IDN URLs
    • Improved URL parsing
    • Subscriptions now sync using iCal's refresh intervals
    • Fixed an issue where newly-added accounts sometimes wouldn't sync in Fantastical
    • Fixed an issue some events would fail to update for Google accounts
    • Fixed an instance where Fantastical could hang or run slowly
    • Fixed some crashes
    • Added a warning if Fantastical is moved while running
    • Added a warning if Fantastical's code signature becomes invalid
    • Minor localization improvements
    • Minor date and recurring event parsing improvements
    • Various other improvements and bug fixes
    • Fixed a crash with certain types of subscribed calendars
    • Fantastical is now fully localized for French, German, Italian, and Spanish and automatically detects the language of your event regardless of your OS X language settings!
    • Improvements to recurring event parsing (such as "Soccer practice every Tuesday and Thursday at 5pm" or "Lunch every Tuesday until 2/5")
    • Timed events for today that have passed are now dimmed
    • Event end times are now shown in the event list
    • URLs are now automatically detected when entering an event
    • Links in notes are now clickable
    • Fantastical no longer shows accounts that are disabled in iCal
    • Subscribed calendars are now automatically updated in Fantastical
    • Improved compatibility with proxy servers
    • Fixed subscriptions appearing duplicated in rare cases
    • Fixed the Fantastical service not working if Fantastical wasn't already open
    • Fixed a problem with sending invitations when using an Exchange calendar in Outlook
    • Various parsing improvements
    • Various bug fixes and improvements
    • Increased maximum number of alarms to 10 when adding new events
    • Unused Mail To Do calendars are no longer shown
    • Fixed calendar week calculation in some situations
    • Fixed a problem where all day events could appear on the wrong day in certain time zones
    • Fixed errors that could occur when editing recurring events
    • Fixed local calendars sometimes not appearing in the preferences
    • Fixed a rare problem where some recurring events would not appear
    • Fixed some problems when encountering corrupted or invalid event data
    • Fixed a potential crash when changing the system time zone
    • Various additional bug fixes and improvements
    • Edit and delete events!
    • Add and edit notes for your events!
    • iCloud calendar support
    • Multiple all-day events are now grouped by calendar and sorted by event name
    • Double-clicking an event now starts editing (Option-double-clicking an event opens it in the default calendar app)
    • New events now automatically set the start date to the selected date on the calendar
    • Command-control-A now toggles anchor mode on and off
    • Anchor mode now persists across launches
    • Outlook events are now colored by category
    • Fixed an issue where duplicate calendars could appear in preferences when using iCloud
    • Fixed an issue where a password dialog could appear when you restarted your Mac
    • Fantastical no longer uses the discrete GPU when using a 2010 or 2011 MacBook Pro with OS X Lion
    • Fixed an error that sometimes occurred when inviting people to an event on OS X Lion
    • Fixed a hang that could occur when iCal is launched in full-screen mode on OS X Lion
    • Fixed tabbing through the alarm fields when full keyboard access is enabled
    • Fixed some all day events not being shown in search results
    • Fixed extremely long event titles appearing incorrectly in event details
    • Additional stability fixes for Entourage and Outlook
    • Reduced potential for hanging when searching
    • Sync error messages now appear when there's no network connection
    • Time zone fix for Chile
    • Various CalDAV improvements
    • Various additional bug fixes and improvements
    • OS X Lion compatibility
    • OS X Lion only: Swipe two fingers left or right on the calendar to change months (hold option key while swiping to change years)
    • Added "Last selected calendar" option to default calendar preferences
    • Added color menu bar icon preference
    • Fixed an issue where 24-hour times were sometimes parsed incorrectly
    • Fixed an instance where non-Gregorian calendars would calculate incorrect dates
    • Parsing engine fixes
    • Various bug fixes and improvements
    • Trial reset: Try Fantastical for 14 more ESET NOD32 Antivirus 2020 Crack + Product Number Free Download support! Note: Your calendars must be added to iCal.
    • Support for moving the menu icon with a menu extra. Please see the FAQ for more info.
    • Command-I shows the invitee pop-up for people detected in OS X's Address Book
    • Shift-up/down arrow keys change weeks in the calendar
    • Fixed an issue when specifying a calendar with /calendar at the beginning or end of a sentence
    • Improved responsiveness for some users with Outlook
    • Better handling of events with no title
    • Date handling improvements
    • Parsing engine improvements
    • Various improvements and bug fixes
    • Auto-alarms now allow adding multiple alarms
    • Added a custom URL handler so apps like Alfred and LaunchBar can send sentences directly to Fantastical
    • Improvements to CalDAV
    • Improvements to appearance of dates with certain date formats
    • Improvements to sentence parsing
    • Slightly increased the maximum height of the event list
    • Fantastical updates immediately when changing locale formats in System Preferences
    • Fixes a problem when inviting attendees to events
    • Improved functionality, speed, and stability when using Entourage or Outlook
    • Various bug fixes and improvements

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0-ad0 A.D.0.0.25b-alpha010-editor010 Editor12.0.1115browser115Browser24.5.0.11clipboard1Clipboard0.1.81password1Password7.9.11password-cli1Password CLI1.12.3360safe360 Total Security1.2.63dgenceslicer3DGence Slicer3.0.0,4.04k-slideshow-maker4K Slideshow Maker2.0.14k-stogram4K Stogram3.4.34k-video-downloader4K Video Downloader4.18.54k-video-to-mp34K Video to MP33.0.14k-youtube-to-mp34K YouTube to MP34.3.54peaks4Peaks1.85kplayer5KPlayer6.9.0,5000777777771.1.38bitdo-ultimate-software8BitDo Ultimate Software2.0.48x8-meet8x8 Meet0.3.8.18x8-work8x8_work7.13.2-2a-better-finder-attributesA Better Finder Attributes7.17a-better-finder-renameA Better Finder Rename11.39a-slower-speed-of-lightA Slower Speed of Light2020ableton-live-introAbleton Live Intro11.0.12ableton-live-liteAbleton Live Lite11.0.12ableton-live-standardAbleton Live Standard11.0.12ableton-live-suiteAbleton Live Suite11.0.12abricotineabricotine0.7.0abscissaAbscissa4.0.5abstractAbstract98.0.5abyssoft-teleportteleport1.3.3accessmenubarappsAccessMenuBarApps2.6.1,15accordanceAccordance Bible Software13.3.2accuricsAccurics CLI1.0.28ace-linkAce Link1.9.0acornAcorn7.1.1,15968acousticbrainz-guiAcousticBrainz0.1acquia-devAcquia Dev Desktop2.2021.01.14acronis-true-imageAcronis True Image2021acslogoACSLogo1.6.0.2activedockActiveDock2.99,2199activitywatchActivityWatch0.11.0actualActual0.0.144actual-odbc-packActual ODBC Driver PacklatestadapterAdapter2.1.6adguardAdguard2.6.1.1051adguard-vpnAdguard VPN1.1.0.167adiumAdium1.5.10.4adobe-acrobat-proAdobe Acrobat Pro DC21.007.20099adobe-acrobat-readerAdobe Acrobat Reader DC21.007.20099adobe-airAdobe AIR33.1.1.674adobe-connectAdobe Connect11,2021.11.22adobe-creative-cloudAdobe Creative Cloud5.6.0.788adobe-creative-cloud-cleaner-toolAdobe Creative Cloud Cleaner Tool4.3.0.190adobe-digital-editionsAdobe Digital Editions4.5.11adobe-dng-converterAdobe DNG Converter14.0adoptopenjdkAdoptOpenJDK Java Development Kit16.0.1,9adriveAliyundrivelatestadvancedrestclientAdvanced REST Client16.0.1aegisubAegisub3.2.2aerialAerial Screensaver2.3.3aetherAether2.0.0-dev.15,201126224.aexol-remote-mouseAexol Remote Mouse1.3,5affinity-designerAffinity Designer1.10.4affinity-photoAffinity Photo1.10.4affinity-publisherAffinity Publisher1.10.4after-dark-classicAfter Dark Classic Set1.0agendaAgenda13.1.1,195aimersoft-video-converter-ultimateAimersoft Video Converter Ultimate11.6.6.1aio-creator-neoAIO CREATOR NEO2.10.2air-connectAir Connect2.0.1,26526air-video-server-hdAir Video Server HD2.3.0-beta1u1,202.0902airbuddyAirBuddy2.4.5,344aircallAircall2.18.2airdisplayAir Display3.4.2,26581airdroidAirDroid3.7.0.0airflowAirflow3.3.1airfoilAirfoil5.10.5airmediaCrestron AirMedia4.1.4airparrotAirParrot3.1.2airpassAirpass1.0.1airqmonAirqmon2.1.0airserverAirServer7.2.7airtableAirtable1.4.5airtameAirtame4.3.0airtoolAirtool2.3.2,10airtrashairtrash1.0.0airunlockAirUnlock0.4airyAiry3.24,336aja-system-testAJA System Test2.1.0ajourAjour1.3.2alacrittyAlacritty0.9.0aladinAladin Desktop11.024alchemyAlchemy008aldenteAlDente1.09aleo-studioAleo Studio0.14.0aleph-oneAleph One20210408alfaviewAlfaview8.31.0alfredAlfred4.6,1266algodooAlgodoo2.1.3alinof-timerAlinof Timer4.0.0alipay-development-assistantAlipay Development Assistant1.0.7aliworkbenchAliWorkBench9.04.02,LqEYADnbwALXMQ.all-in-one-messengerAll-in-One Messenger2.5.0alloyAlloy6.0.0almightyalmighty2.2.1,32alt-cAlt-C1.0.7alt-tabAltTab6.28.0altair-graphql-clientAltair GraphQL Client4.2.1altdeployAltDeploy1.1alternoteAlternote1.0.18,1018altserverAltServer1.4.7,59alvaAlva0.9.1amadeus-proAmadeus Pro2.8.8amadineAmadine1.2.5,149amazon-chimeAmazon Chime4.39.8605amazon-musicAmazon Music8.8.2.2305,23051118_02.amazon-photosAmazon Drivelatestamazon-workdocsAmazon WorkDocs1.2.200340.0,99amazon-workdocs-driveAmazon WorkDocs Drivelatestamazon-workspacesAmazon Workspaces4.0.4.2126amd-power-gadgetAMD Power Gadget0.7amethystAmethyst0.15.5amitv87-pipPiP1.40ammAMM0.4.5ammoniteAmmonite1.22.2,532amorphousdiskmarkAmorphousDiskMark1.2.3,9amppsAMPPS3.9anacondaContinuum Analytics Anaconda2021.11ananas-analytics-desktop-editionAnanas Analytics Desktop Edition0.9.0android-commandlinetoolsAndroid SDK Command-line Tools7583922android-file-transferAndroid File Transfer5071136android-messagesAndroid Messages Desktop3.1.0android-ndkAndroid NDK22bandroid-platform-toolsAndroid SDK Platform-Tools31.0.3,e8b2b4cbe47c728.android-sdkandroid-sdk4333796android-studioAndroid Studio2020.3.1.25androidtoolAndroidTool1.66angbandAngband4.2.3angry-ip-scannerAngry IP Scanner3.7.6anka-build-cloud-controller-and-registryAnka Build Cloud Controller & Registry1.20.0,035872f5anka-build-cloud-registryAnka Build Cloud Registry1.20.0,c83f487danka-virtualizationAnka Virtualization2.5.3.135ankamaAnkama Launcher3.5.5.13025ankiAnki2.1.49ankiapp-ankiAnkiApp3.2.2anonymAnonym2.3anonymousvpnAnonymous VPN2.0.1.14another-redis-desktop-managerAnother Redis Desktop Manager1.4.9ansible-dkAnsible DK1.2.0,3antconcAntConc3.5.9anybarAnyBar0.2.3anydeskAnyDesk6.3.3anydoAny.do4.2.158anylistAnyList1.1,2aoAo6.9.0apache-couchdbApache CouchDB3.2.0apache-directory-studioApache Directory Studio2.0.0.v20210717-M17apk-icon-editorAPK Icon Editor2.2.0app-cleanerNektony App Cleaner & Uninstaller7.4.4,840app-tamerAppTamer2.6.4,10674apparencyApparency1.3,130appcleanerFreeMacSoft AppCleaner3.6.0,4070appcodeAppCode2021.2.4,212.5457.65appdeleteAppDelete4.3.3appgate-sdp-clientAppGate SDP Client for macOS5.5.0appgridAppGrid1.0.4appiumAppium Server Desktop GUI1.22.0apple-eventsApple Events1.6apple-juiceApple Juice2020.12.0applepi-bakerApplePi-Baker2.2.3apppoliceAppPolice1.1appstore-quickviewApp.Store Quickview1.1.1apptivateApptivate2.2.1,15apptrapAppTrap1.2.3appzapperAppZapper2.0.3aptanastudioAptana Studio3.7.2.201807301111aptibleAptible Toolbelt0.19.1,20210802230457,251aqua-data-studioAquafold Aqua Data Studio22.0.1aquamacsAquamacs3.5aquaskkAquaSKK4.7.3aquatermAquaTerm1.1.1araxis-mergeAraxis Merge2021.5644archipelagoArchipelago3.16.1archiverArchiver4.0.0arduinoArduino1.8.16aria-maestosaAria Maestosa1.4.13aria2dAria2D1.3.6,509aria2guiAria2GUI1.4.1ariangAriaNg Native1.2.3ark-desktop-walletArk Desktop Wallet2.9.5arkiwiArKiwi4.1.5,4015armoryArmory0.96.5aroundAround0.56.12arqArq7.10arq-cloud-backupArq Cloud Backup1.5arrsyncarRsync0.4.1art-directors-toolkitArt Directors Toolkit5.5.1artisanArtisan2.4.6artpipArtpip2.7.1asanaAsana1.4.2asc-timetablesaSc TimeTables2020.7.1ascensionAscension3.0.0asciidocfxAsciidocFX1.7.4asset-catalog-tinkererAsset Catalog Tinkerer2.5.1assinador-serproassinador-serpro2.7.1astah-professionalChange Vision Astah Professional8.4.1,827bdfastah-umlChange Vision Astah UML8.4.1,827bdfastro-command-centerASTRO Command CenterlatestastropadAstropad3.7.0,3219astropad-studioAstropad Studio3.7.0,3219atemoscatemOSC4.2.0atextaText2.40.1,118atlantisAtlantis0.9.9.7atlauncherATLauncher3.4.9.1atokATOK2021,32.1.0:try3atomGithub Atom1.58.0atomic-walletAtomic Wallet2.34.0au-labAU Lab2.3audacityAudacity3.1.2audio-hijackAudio Hijack3.8.8audiobook-builderAudiobook Builder2.1.4audiogridder-pluginAudioGridder Plugin1.1.1audiogridder-serverAudioGridder Server1.1.1audioscrobblerAudioscrobbler0.9.15audioslicerAudioSlicer1.1.1audirvanaAudirvana3.5.50,3580audiusAudius0.24.32augurAugur1.16.11auralAural Player3.3.1aurora-hdrAurora HDR1.0.1,6438auryoAuryo2.5.4authyAuthy Desktop1.9.0autodesk-fusion360Autodesk Fusion 360latestautodmgAutoDMG1.9autofirmaAutoFirma1.6.5automuteAutoMute1.1autopkgrAutoPkgr1.5.7autovolumeAutoVolume1.0.1autumnAutumn1.0.7avast-secure-browserAvast Secure Browser95.0.1324.70avast-secureline-vpnAvast SecureLine VPN2.1.4avast-securityAvast Security4.0,2.0avg-antivirusAVG Antivirus for Mac4.0,2.0aviatrix-vpn-clientAviatrix VPN Client2.14.14avibrazil-rdmRDM2.2avidcodecsleAvid Codecs LE2.7.6,3B39AE16avidemuxAvidemux2.7.8avira-antivirusAvira AntiviruslatestavitoolsAVItools3.7.2avocodeAvocode4.15.4avogadroAvogadro1.95.1avtouchbarAVTouchBar3.0.7,2021.08awaAWA1.5.7awareAware1.0.6awarenessAwareness1.1awips-pythonAWIPS Pythonlatestaws-vaultaws-vault6.3.1aws-vpn-clientAWS Client VPN1.4.0axure-rpAxure RP10.0.0.3851azirevpnAzireVPN0.5azure-data-studioAzure Data Studio1.33.1babeleditBabelEdit2.9.2back-in-timeBack-In-Time5.1.8backblazeBackblaze8.0.1.572backblaze-downloaderBackblaze Downloader7.0.2.474background-musicBackground Music0.3.2backlogBacklog1.8.0backuploupeBackupLoupe3.5.3,2309badlion-clientBadlion Client3.5.5baiduinputBaidu InputlatestbaidunetdiskBaidu NetDisk4.2.4balance-lockBalance Lock1.1,568balenaetcherEtcher1.7.0ballastballast1.2.1balsamiq-wireframesBalsamiq Wireframes4.4.1bandageBandage0.8.1bankidBankID7.11.0banking-4Banking 47.6.2,7777banksiaguiBanksiaGui0.53banktivityBanktivity8.5.4bansheeBanshee2.6.1baretorrentbaretorrent0.4.4baritoneBaritone1.0.9barrierBarrier2.4.0bartenderBartender3.1.25,31125baseMenial Base2.5.2,20502basecampBasecamp3basictexBasicTeX2021.0325batchmodBatChmod1.7b5,175bathyscapheBathyScaphe3.1.0,1089batteriesBatteries2.1.9battery-buddyBattery Buddy1.0.3,11battery-reportBattery Report1.2.0battle-netBlizzard Battle.netlatestbattlescribeBattleScribe2.03.21baudlinebaudline1.08bbc-iplayer-downloadsBBC iPlayer Downloads2.13.5bbeditBBEdit14.0.2bdashBdash1.11.1bdinfoBDInfo1.0beacon-scannerBeaconScanner1.1.13beaker-browserBeaker Browser1.1.0beamerBeamer3.5,35001beanBean3.4.5beardedspiceBeardedSpice2.2.3beatunesbeaTunes5.2.24beeBee3.1.5,5468beekeeper-studioBeekeeper Studio2.1.5beeperBeeper2.10.3beersmithBeerSmith3.2.7berrycastBerrycast0.34.12bespokeBespoke Synth1.1.0bestresBestRes1.0,100:1426778671betaflight-configuratorBetaflight-Configurator10.7.1betelgueseBetelguese1.1better-window-managerBetter Window Manager1.14,15betterdiscord-installerbetterdiscord1.1.1betterdummybetterdummy1.0.10bettertouchtoolBetterTouchTool3.624,1774betterzipBetterZip5.1.1betweenBetween1.0.8betwixtBetwixt1.6.1beyond-compareBeyond Compare4.4.0.25886bfxrBfxr1.5.1bibdeskBibDesk1.8.7,5747big-mean-folder-machineBig Mean Folder Machine2.43biglybtbiglybt2.8.0.0bilibiliBilibili2.56biliminibilimini1.5.6billings-proBillings Pro1.7.18,37803binanceBinance1.26.1binary-ninjaBinary Ninja2.2.2487bingpaperBingPaper0.11.1,46binoBino1.6.6biopassfidoBioPass FIDO2 Manager2.1.0birdfontBirdFont4.20.0biscuitBiscuit1.2.24bisqBisq1.7.5bit-fiddleBit Fiddle1.4.2bit-slicerBit Slicer1.7.11bitbarBitBar1.10.1bitcoin-coreBitcoin Core22.0bitmessageBitmessage0.6.3.2bitrix24Bitrix2411.1.41.57bitsharesBitShares5.0.210216bitwardenBitwarden1.29.1bitwig-studioBitwig Studio4.0.7black-inkBlack Ink2.1.9,2788blackhole-16chBlackHole 16ch0.2.10blackhole-2chBlackHole 2ch0.2.10blackhole-64chBlackHole 64ch0.2.10blenderBlender2.93.6blender-benchmarkBlender Open Data Benchmark2.0.4bleunlockBLEUnlock1.11blheli-configuratorBLHeli Configurator1.2.0blink1controlBlink1Control2.2.5bliskBlisk Browser16.1.94.111blitzBlitz1.16.3blobby-volley2Blobby Volley 21.0blobsaverblobsaver3.0.4blockbenchBlockbench4.0.4blockblockBlockBlock2.0.5blockstackBlockstack0.37.0blocsBlocs4.4.1,441bloodhoundbloodhound4.0.3bloomrpcBloomRPC1.5.3blu-ray-playerMacgo Mac Blu-ray Player3.3.21,211028_0110blu-ray-player-proMacgo Mac Blu-ray Player Pro3.3.21,211028_0110bluefishBluefish2.2.12bluegriffonBlueGriffon3.1blueharvestBlueHarvest8.0.10bluejBlueJ5.0.2bluejeansBlueJeans2.32.0.170bluesenseBlueSense1.3.1,1657bluesnoozeBluesnooze1.1bluestacksBlueStacks4.270.1.2803,c610c2d26.bluetilityBluetility1.3bluewalletBlueWallet6.2.12blurredBlurred1.2.0bobBob0.6.1boincBerkeley Open Infrastructure for Network Computing7.16.19bome-networkBome Network1.4bonitastudiocommunityBonita Studio Community Edition2021.2-u0bonjeffBonjeff2.0.0bonjour-browserBonjour Browser1.5.6bookendsBookends14.0.2bookmacsterBookMacster2.12boomBoom1.7.1,101.7.1039boom-3dBoom 3D1.3.12,101.3.12012boopBoop1.4.0boost-noteBoostnote.Next0.22.0boostnoteBoostnote0.16.1bootchampBootChamp1.7bootstrap-studioBootstrap Studio5.8.6bootxchangerBootXChanger2.0bossabossa1.9.1bot-framework-emulatorMicrosoft Bot Framework Emulator4.14.1bowtieBowtie1.5,1500box-driveBox Drive2.19.294box-notesBox Notes1.4.0box-syncBox Sync4.0.8009box-toolsBox ToolslatestboxcryptorBoxcryptor2.42.1436boxerBoxer1.4.0boxofsnoo-fairmountFairmount1.1.3boxy-suiteBoxy SuitelatestbracketsBrackets1.14.2brain-workshopBrain Workshop4.8.4brainfmBrain.fm0.1.5brave-browserBrave1.32.106.0,132.106breaktimerBreakTimer1.0.3breitbandmessungBreitbandmessung2.0.4brewletBrewlet1.5-universalbrewservicesmenubarBrew Services Menubar4.0brewtargetbrewtarget2.3.0briaBria6.5.1,108815bricklink-partdesignerPartDesigner1.0.6_5bricklink-studioStudio2.2.9_1bricksmithBricksmith3.0brightnessBrightness1.1.2brightness-syncBrightness Sync2.3.2briskBrisk1.2.0brisyncBrisync1.3.1brl-cad-mgedBRL-CAD7.24.0brookBrook20210701brooklynBrooklyn2.1.0browserosaurusBrowserosaurus15.3.9browserstacklocalBrowserStack Local Testing3.3.1btcpayserver-vaultBTCPayServer Vault2.0.1buboBubo1.0bucketsBuckets0.60.1bugdomBugdom1.3.1buildsettingextractorBuildSettingExtractor1.4.3bunchBunch1.4.5,124bunqcommunity-bunqbunqDesktop0.9.10burnBurn3.1.5burp-suiteBurp Suite Community Edition2021.10.2burp-suite-professionalBurp Suite Professional2021.10.2busycalBusyCal2021.4.2,2021-11-05-00-14busycontactsBusyContacts1.6.2,2021-11-05-00-56butlerButler4.4.4,5115buttBroadcast Using This Tool0.1.32butterButter0.3.0buttercupButtercup2.13.0bwanaBwana2.8.1bzflagBZFlag2.4.22c0re100-qbittorrentqBittorrent Enhanced Edition4.3.9.10cabalCabal6.0.8cacherCacher2.42.7caffeineCaffeine1.1.3cajviewerCAJViewer2.0,10cakebrewCakebrew1.3cakebrewjscakebrewjs1.0.0calcserviceCalcService3.5.1calendar-366Calendar 366 II2.11,3403calibrecalibre5.32.0calmly-writerCalmly Writer2.0.36camedCAM Editor3.2.2camera-liveCamera Live11camerabag-photoCameraBag2021.4.0camo-studioCamo Studio1.5.1,5687camtasiaCamtasia2021.0.6camunda-modelerCamunda Modeler4.11.1candybarCandyBar3.3.4cantataCantata2.3.2canvaCanva1.36.0caprineCaprine2.55.0captainCaptain9.0.0captinCaptin1.1.3,143:1619187317captionCaption2.0.1captoCapto1.2.24,1001.2.24005carbon-copy-clonerCarbon Copy Cloner6.0.5.7252cardhopCardhop2.0.7,1060caretCaret3.4.6cashnotifyCashNotify3.5.1castrcastr1.0.0catchCatch2.2catlightcatlight2.35.1cave-storyPixel Cave Story0.1.0,2ccleanerPiriform CCleaner1.18.30ccmenuCCMenu15.0cctalkCCtalk7.9.0.3cd-tocd to3.1celestiaCelestia1.6.2celestialteapot-runwayRunway2.0,2002celldesignerCellDesigner4.4.2cellprofilerCellProfiler4.2.1cemuCEmu1.3cerebroCerebro0.3.2cernboxCERNBox Client2.8.2.4410cevelopCevelop1.14.1-202002280945chaiChai3.2.0chalkChalk1.6.11chameleon-ssd-optimizerChameleon SSD optimizer0.9.9gcharlesCharles4.6.2charlessoft-timetrackerTimeTracker0.6.4chatmate-for-facebookChatMate for Facebook4.3.1,482:1537946763chatmate-for-whatsappChatMate for WhatsApp4.3.1,482:1537891987chatologyChatology1.2.5chatterinoChatterino2.3.4chattyChatty0.15chatworkChatWork2.6.3.964cheatsheetCheatSheet1.6.1checkra1ncheckra1n0.12.4cheetah3dCheetah3D7.5.1chef-workstationChef Workstation21.11.679chemdoodleChemDoodle11.7.0chessxChessX1.5.6chiaChia Blockchain1.2.11chiakiChiaki2.1.1chirpCHIRP20211105chocolatChocolat3.4choosyChoosy2.2.1chrome-devtoolsChrome DevTools1.1.0chrome-remote-desktop-hostChrome Remote Desktop89.0.4389.25chromedriverChromeDriver96.0.4664.45chromiumChromium939125chronicleChronicle9.8.1,8802chronoagentChronoAgent1.9.9chronosChronos Timetracker5.0.1chronosyncChronoSync4.9.13chronycontrolChronyControl1.4.4,275chrysalisChrysalis0.8.6cinc-workstationCinc Workstation21.11.679cinchCinch1.2.4,146cincoCinco2.0.1cinderCinder0.9.2cinderellaCinderella3.0b.2036cinebenchCinebenchR23,330542circuitjs1Falstad CircuitJS9.3.2cirrusCirrus1.12,2021.04cisco-jabberCisco Jabber20210902045804cisco-proximityCisco Proximitydesktop-3.1.0cisdem-data-recoveryCisdem Data Recovery6.4.0cisdem-document-readerCisdem Document Reader5.4.0cisdem-pdf-converter-ocrCisdem PDF Converter OCR7.5.0cisdem-pdfmanagerultimateCisdem PDFManagerUltimate3.2.0citraCitralatestcityofzion-neonNeon Wallet2.10.0ckanComprehensive Kerbal Archive Network1.30.4ckb-nextckb-next0.4.4clamxavClamXAV3.3,8974clash-for-windowsClash for Windows0.18.9clashxClashX1.72.0classicftpClassicFTP4.03classroom-assistantGitHub Classroom Assistant2.0.4classroom-mode-for-minecraftClassroom Mode for Minecraft1.81clayclay1.6.6clean-meClean-me1.4.2cleanappSynium Software CleanApp5.1.3cleanmymacCleanMyMac X4.9.3,40903.0.2111221225cleanshotCleanShot3.9.4cleartextCleartext2.45clementineClementine1.3.1clickchartsClickCharts5.80clicker-for-netflixClicker for Netflix2.12.0clicker-for-youtubeClicker for YouTube1.19,52clickupClickUp3.0.3clionCLion2021.2.3,212.5457.51clip-studio-paintClip Studio Paint1.11.4clipgrabClipGrab3.9.7clipyClipy1.2.1clixCLIX2.4.0.0cljstylecljstyle0.15.0clockClock1.1clock-barClock Bar1.0,1801968clock-signalClock Signal2021-08-09clockerClocker21.08.01clockifyClockify2.7.9,343clocksaverClock.saver screensaver0.7.0clone-heroClone Hero0.23.2.2clonkClonk Rage1.0cloud-pbxCloud PBX22.9.20.159cloudappCloudApp6.5.2,2245cloudashcloudash1.4.0cloudcompareCloudComparelatestcloudflare-warpCloudflare WARP1.6.27.0,20211004.9cloudmounterEltima CloudMounter3.10,694cloudupCloudup1.15.2cloudytabsCloudyTabs2.0clover-configuratorClover Configurator5.18.3.0cmakeCMake3.22.0cmd-eikanacmd-eikana2.2.3cmdtapCmdTap1.9.4cncjsCNSjs1.9.23cncnetCnCNet: Classic Command & Conquer2.1coarchicoArchi plugin for Archi0.8.0.202110121448coccinellidaCoccinellida0.7coccocCốc Cốc87.0.4280.148,87.0.148cockatriceCockatrice2.8.0,2021-01-26:Prism.cocktailCocktail13.3cocoapodsCocoaPods.app1.5.2cocoarestclientCocoaRestClient1.4.7cocoaspellcocoAspell2.5coconutbatterycoconutBattery3.9.6,404cb123coconutidcoconutID3.4codaPanic Coda2.7.7,217503code-composer-studioCode Composer Studio (CCS) Notes1.2.4code42-crashplanCode42 CrashPlan8.2.1,1525200006821:77codeexpanderCodeExpander3.5.9codekitCodeKit3.15,34214codeliteCodeLite15.0.0codeqlCodeQL2.7.1coderunnerCodeRunner4.1,62956codespaceCodespace1.6.1coffitivity-offlineCoffitivity Offline1.0.2cogCog1621,58384cb8coin-walletCoin Wallet5.1.2coinomi-walletCoinomi Wallet1.2.4cold-turkey-blockerCold Turkey4.3color-oracleColor Oracle1.3.0colorchecker-camera-calibrationColorChecker Camera Calibration2.3.0colorpicker-developerDeveloper Color Picker1.5.4colorpicker-materialdesignMaterial Design2.0.0colorpicker-propickerPro Picker1.1colorpicker-skalacolorSkala Color2.10colorsnapperColorSnapper 21.6.4colortesterColorTester1.0colorwellColorWell7.3.2colour-contrast-analyserColour Contrast Analyser (CCA)3.1.4combine-pdfsCombine PDFs5.5.2comictaggerComicTagger1.2.3comma-chameleonComma Chameleon0.5.2command-padCommand Pad0.1.2command-tab-plusCommand-Tab Plus1.130,380commander-oneCommander One3.3,3508commandqCommandQ2.0.6composercatComposercat0.4.0compositorCompositor1.17.0conferencesConferences.digital0.0.1-alpha22connectiqGarmin Connect IQ SDK4.0.6,2021-10-06,af9b9.connectmenowConnectMeNow3.0.7consoleConsole0.3.1container-psContainer PS1.3.0contextsContexts3.8.1,381continuity-activation-toolContinuity Activation Tool2.0contrasteContraste1.0,141controllermateControllerMate4.11.1controlplaneControlPlane1.6.7convert3dguiConvert3DGUI1.0.0cookieCookie6.6.2cool-retro-termcool-retro-term1.1.1cooltermCoolTerm1.,5701core-data-editorCore Data Editor5.2corelocationcliCore Location CLI3.2.0cornercalCornerCal1.1cornerstoneCornerstone4.2corona-trackerCorona Tracker1.7.2correttoAWS Corretto JDK17. Server7.0.2couchbase-server-enterpriseCouchbase Server7.0.2couchpotatoCouchPotato3.0.1couleursCouleurs1.2.1,107countdownCountdown Screensaver0.1.0coverloadCoverLoad2.2.0-757cozy-driveCozy Drive3.31.0cpuinfocpuinfo1.4.6crCool Reader3.0.56,10craftmanagerCraftManager1.0.115,251create-recovery-partition-installerCreate Recovery Partition Installer1.1createuserpkgCreateUserPkg1.2.4creepyCreepy1.4.1crescendoCrescendo1.0.4criptextCriptext0.31.0,2.0.82cronnixCronniX3.0.2crossoverCrossOver21.0.0.33720crosspack-avrCrossPack2013-12-16crunchCrunch4.0.0crushftpCrushFTP10cryocryo0.5.22crypterCrypter5.0.0cryptomatorCryptomator1.6.3cryptonomic-galleonGalleon1.2.4bcryptrCryptr0.5.0crystalmakerCrystalMaker10.6.6crystax-ndkCrystax NDK10.3.2cscreencscreen2012.09cubicsdrCubicSDR0.2.5cuda-zCUDA-Z0.10.251cumulusCumulus0.10.1cura-lulzbotCura LulzBot Edition3.6.21,ce3e47a08065c66.curioCurio15,15008curiosityCuriosity0.5.5curseforgeCurseForge0.186.1-2cursorcererCursorcererlatestcursorsenseCursorSense2.3customshortcutsCustomShortcuts1.1,102cutesdrCuteSDR1.20cutterCutter2.0.3cyberduckCyberduck8.0.2,36345cyberghost-vpnCyberGhost8.3.1,144cycling74-maxCycling ‘74 Max8.2.0_211012daedalus-mainnetDaedalus Mainnet4.5.1,19747daedalus-testnetDaedalus Testnet4.5.1,19747daisydiskDaisyDisk4.21.4dangerzoneDangerzone0.2.1darktabledarktable3.6.1.6darwindumperDarwinDumper3.1.1,311dashDash6.2.0,988dash-dashDash0.17.0.3dashcam-viewerDashcam Viewer3.7.0dashlaneDashlane6.2140.0.50277datDat Desktop3.0.1data-integrationPentaho Data Integration9.2.0.0-290data-rescueData Rescue 66.0.5,6212.14.08data-science-studioDataiku Data Science Studio9.0.1datadog-agentDatadog Agent7.32.0-1datagraphDataGraph4.7.1,58.1datagripDataGrip2021.3.1,213.5744.178datazenitDatazenit1.1.0datovkaDatovka4.18.0datweatherdoeDatWeatherDoe2.1.5davmailDavMail6.0.0-3375day-oDay-O3.0.1db-browser-for-sqliteDB Browser for SQLite3.12.2dbeaver-communityDBeaver Community Edition21.2.5dbeaver-enterpriseDBeaver Enterprise Edition21.2.0dbglassDBGlass0.1.0-beta.6dbkodadbKoda1.1.0.187dbnginDBngin4.0,42dbschemaDbSchema8.4.5dbvisualizerDbVisualizer12.1.5dcommanderDCommander3.9.1.3dcp-o-maticDCP-o-matic2.14.56dcp-o-matic-batch-converterDCP-o-matic Batch converter2.14.56dcp-o-matic-encode-serverDCP-o-matic Encode Fantastical 3.4.3 Crack MAC Full License Code {Latest 2021} Free KDM Creator2.14.56dcp-o-matic-playerDCP-o-matic Player2.14.56dcv-viewerNICE DCV Viewer2021.2.3776dd-utilitydd Utility1.11ddnetDDNet15.6.2deadboltDeadbolt0.1.0deathtodsstoreDeathToDSStore1.0.5debookeeDebookee8.1.1,3238decksetDeckset2.0.20,2595declonerDecloner1.6.3,23decoDeco0.7.1decreditonDecrediton1.6.3deeperDeeper2.6.0deepgitDeepGit4.2deeplDeepL3.0.103260deepnestDeepnest1.0.5deepstreamdeepstream5.2.4deezerDeezer5.30.90default-folder-xDefault Folder X5.6.1,4912defoldDefold1.2.189dejaluDejaLu1.0,217delayedlauncherDelayedLauncher2.2.1delicious-libraryDelicious Library3.9.3deltachatDeltaChat1.22.2deltawalkerDeltaWalker2.6.1delugeDeluge1.3.15.1dendroscopeDendroscope3.7.6denemoDenemo2.2depthmapxdepthmapX0.8.0deskreenDeskreen1.0.11desktopprdesktoppr0.4desktoputilityDesktopUtility4.7.2desmumeDeSmuME0.9.11detectx-swiftDetectX Swift1.0981detexifyDetexify1.0.2devbookDevbook0.1.18devdocsDevDocs App0.7.2developerexcusesDeveloper Excuses Screensaver2.1.4deviceinfoDeviceInfo1.0devilutionxDevilutionX1.3.0devkinstaDevKinsta2.3.0.2184devolo-cockpitDevolo dLAN Cockpit5.1.6.2devonagentDEVONagent Pro3.11.5devonthinkDEVONthink3.8devutilsDevUtils1.12.0,99dexedDexed0.9.6dhsDylib Hijack Scanner1.4.1diaDia0.97.2,7diagnosticsDiagnostics1.4.1dialpadDialpad19.7.1diashapesDia0.3.0dictaterDictater1.2dictcc-en-de-dictionary-plugindict.cc English-German dictionary plugin2011-05-26dictionariesDictionaries1.7,382:1615218055dictunifierDictUnifier2.1diffforkDiffFork1.1.9.2diffmergeDiffMerge4.2.1.1013digikamdigiKam7.3.0digitalDigital0.28dingtalkDingTalk6.3.5.7dingtalk-liteDingTalk Lite5.1.21discordDiscord0.0.264discretescrollDiscreteScroll0.1.1disk-arbitratorDisk Arbitrator0.8.0disk-dietDisk Diet5.5,1474disk-drillDisk Drill4.6.370disk-expertDisk Expert3.6.3,361disk-inventory-xDisk Inventory X1.3diskcatalogmakerDiskCatalogMaker8.4.1diskmaker-xDiskMaker X9.0diskwaveDiskWave0.4-3displapertureDisplaperture2.1,1052displaycalDisplayCAL3.8.9.3displaysDisplays1.9.10,120dittoDitto1.8.0,1641divvyDivvy1.5.1,581djl-benchdjl-bench0.14.0djvDJV Imaging1.3.0djviewDjView4.12,3dmenu-macdmenu-mac0.7.2dmidiplayerdmidiplayer1.5.2dmm-playerDMM Player2.1.8dmm-player-for-chromeDMM Player for Chrome1.5.0.10do-not-disturbDo Not Disturb1.3.0dockerDocker Desktop4.2.0,70708docker-toolboxDocker Toolbox19.03.1dockeydockeylatestdockmateDock Mate0.8.7,2737dockstationDockStation1.5.1dockviewdockview1.03,103dogecoinDogecoin1.14.5dolphinDolphin5.0domainbrainDomainBrain2.0.1doomrlDoom the Roguelike0.9.9.7doomsday-engineDoomsday Engine2.3.1dosboxDOSBox0.74-3,3dosbox-xDOSBox-X0.83.19,20211101101155doteditorDotEditor0.3.1dotnet.Net Runtime6.0.0,03e62824-4061-45.dotnet-sdk.NET SDK6.0.100,14a45451-4cc9.double-commanderDouble Commander0.9.10-9640doubletwistdoubleTwist3.2.0,11870downieDownie4.3.9,4309doxieDoxie2.14doxygenDoxygen1.9.2dozerDozer4.0.0dramaDrama2.1.1,43drawbotDrawBot3.128drawiodraw.io Desktop15.8.4dremel-slicerDremel DigiLab 3D Slicer1.2.3drivedxDriveDX1.11.0,730drivethrurpgDriveThruRPG Library App3.1.6.0droididDroidID1.4,7drop-to-gifDrop to GIF1.28dropboxDropbox135.4.4221dropbox-captureDropbox Capture55.0.0dropbox-passwordsDropbox Passwords8.2.14dropdmgDropDMG3.6.3dropletmanagerDigitalOcean Droplets Manager0.5.0droplrDroplr5.9.13,472dropshareDropshare5.16,5238dropzoneDropzone4.2.1,1452drovioDrovio3.1.6dteoh-devdocsDevDocs0.7.0duckietvduckieTV1.1.5duefocusDueFocus2.5.0duetDuet2.3.3.7dungeon-crawl-stone-soup-consoleDungeon Crawl Stone Soup0.27.1dungeon-crawl-stone-soup-tilesDungeon Crawl Stone Soup0.27.1duo-connectDuoConnect1.1.1dupegurudupeGuru4.1.1duplicacyDuplicacy2.1.2duplicacy-web-editionDuplicacy Web Edition1.5.0duplicate-annihilator-for-photosDuplicate Annihilator for Photoslatestduplicate-file-finderDuplicate File Finder6.14.5,541duplicatiDuplicati2.0.6.3,beta:2021-06-17dupscanubDupScan2.4.1dust3dDust3D1.0.0-rc.6dustyDusty0.7.5dvdstylerDVDStyler3.2.1dwarf-fortressDwarf Fortress0.47.05dwarf-fortress-lmpDwarf Fortress LMP (Lazy Mac Pack)0.47.05+dfhack-r1dwgseeDWGSee1.0.1dwihn0r-keepassxKeePassX0.4.4dyalogDyalog APL18.0.40684dyn-updaterDyn Updater5.5.0dynalistDynalistlatestdynamic-dark-modeDynamic Dark Mode1.5.2dynamodb-localAmazon DynamoDB LocallatestdynobaseDynobase1.7.4eagleAutodesk EAGLE9.6.2eaglefilerEagleFiler1.9.6ealeksandrov-cd-tocd_to2.8.0earsEars1.2.3,16easy-move-plus-resizeEasy Move+Resize1.4.2easyedaEasyEDA6.4.25easyfindEasyFind5.0.2easytetherEasyTether16ebibookreaderebi.BookReader1.3.6.0ebmacEBMac1.46.1eclipse-cppEclipse IDE for C/C++ Developers4.21.0,2021-09:Reclipse-dslEclipse IDE for Java and DSL Developers4.21.0,2021-09:Reclipse-ideEclipse IDE for Eclipse Committers4.21.0,2021-09:Reclipse-installerEclipse Installer4.21.0,2021-09:Reclipse-javaEclipse IDE for Java Developers4.21.0,2021-09:Reclipse-javascriptEclipse IDE for JavaScript and Web Developers4.18.0,2020-12:Reclipse-jeeEclipse IDE for Java EE Developers4.21.0,2021-09:Reclipse-modelingEclipse Modeling Tools4.21.0,2021-09:Reclipse-phpEclipse IDE for PHP Developers4.21.0,2021-09:Reclipse-platformEclipse SDK4.21,202109060500eclipse-rcpEclipse for RCP and RAP Developers4.21.0,2021-09:Reclipse-testingEclipse for Testers4.18.0,2020-12:ReddieAir VPN2.20.0edenmathEdenMath1.2.2,8edex-uieDEX-UI2.2.8edfbrowserEDFbrowser1.84,81b147ef06488445b.editaroEditaro1.7.1eggplanteggPlant Functional21.1.0,2101270001eiskaltdcppEiskaltDC++2.4.2ejectorEjector0.8.1elanELAN6.2elasticwolfAWS ElasticWolf Client Console5.1.7electermelecterm1.17.16electorrentElectorrent2.7.2electric-sheepElectric Sheep3.0.2electricbinaryElectric VLSI Design System9.07electrocrudElectroCRUD2.8.0electronElectron16.0.0electron-api-demosElectron API Demos2.0.2electron-cashElectron Cash4.2.5electron-fiddleElectron Fiddle0.26.0electronic-wechatElectronic WeChat2.0electronmailElectronMail4.13.0electrumElectrum4.1.5electrum-ltcElectrum-LTC4.0.9.3electrumsvElectrumSV1.4.0b1elementElement1.9.5elmedia-playerElmedia Player8.1,2848eloston-chromiumUngoogled Chromium96.0.4664.45-1.1_x86-64elpassElpass1.4.2,412emacsEmacs27.2-3emacsclientemacsclient1.0emailchemyEmailchemy14.4.5emby-serverEmby Server4.6.4.0emclienteM Client8.2.1687emeEME0.15.1emojipediaEmojipedia20190306empocheEmpoche0.4.5enclaveEnclave2021.11.02encryptmeEncryptMe4.3.0,52218encryptrSpiderOak Encryptr2.1.0endless-skyEndless Sky0.9.14endnoteEndNote20.2enduranceEndurance3.1,47energiaEnergia1.8.10E23energybarEnergyBar1.7.19321enfuseguiEnfuseGUI3.1.2engine-primeEngine Prime1.6.1,5f4b42a70benigmaEnigma1.30enjoyableEnjoyable1.2,650enpassEnpass6.7.2.887entropyEntropy1.6.0envkeyEnvKey1.4.20enzymexEnzymeX3.3.3epicEpic Privacy Browser91.0.4472.114epic-gamesEpic Games Launcher13.0.0epichromeEpichrome2.4.23epilogue-operatorEpilogue Operator0.7.1epoccamEpocCam3.3epoch-flip-clockEpoch Flip Clock Screensaver0.0.5epub-to-pdfepub-2-pdf3.1epubmdimporterEPUB Spotlight1.8epubquicklookEPUB QuickLook1.8eqmaceqMac1.3.0eset-cyber-security-proESET Cyber Security Pro6.10.460.1espressoEspresso5.8ethereum-walletEthereum Wallet0.11.1etrecheckproEtreCheck6.5.5eudicEudic4.1.5,1065euleul1.6.2eurkeyEurKEY keyboard layoutlatestev3-classroomEV3 Classroom1.1.1eve-launcherEve Online1952584evernoteEvernote10.25.6,3073everwebEverWeb3.,1exactscanExactScan20.1.6exfalsoEx Falso4.4.0exifcleanerExifCleaner3.6.0exifrenamerExifRenamer2.4.0,15exist-dbeXist-db5.3.0exodusExodus21.11.11expandriveExpanDrive7,2021.8.3explorerExplorer1.104expo-xdeExpo Development Environment (XDE)2.25.0expressionsExpressions1.3.3expressscribeExpress Scribe Transcription Software9.22expressvpnExpressVPN10.9.0.6extratermextraterm0.59.3f-barF-Bar5.0.5fabfilter-microFabFilter Micro1.22fabfilter-oneFabFilter One3.33fabfilter-pro-cFabFilter Pro-C2.12fabfilter-pro-dsFabFilter Pro-DS1.16fabfilter-pro-gFabFilter Pro-G1.26fabfilter-pro-lFabFilter Pro-L2.07fabfilter-pro-mbFabFilter Pro-MB1.23fabfilter-pro-qFabFilter Pro-Q3.17fabfilter-pro-rFabFilter Pro-R1.10fabfilter-saturnFabFilter Saturn2.03fabfilter-simplonFabFilter Simplon1.32fabfilter-timelessFabFilter Timeless3.00fabfilter-twinFabFilter Twin2.32fabfilter-volcanoFabFilter Volcano2.32factorFactor0.98fakeFake1.9.1,2318falcon-sql-clientFalcon SQL Client4.1.0fannyFannyWidget2.3.0fantasticalFantastical3.5,1350fantasy-groundsFantasy Groundslatestfantasy-map-generatorAzgaar's Fantasy Map Generator1.3far2lfar2l2.3.210921-716b329,202.farragoFarrago1.6.4fastclickerFastClicker1.1fastonosqlFastoNoSQL2.6.0fastrawviewerFastRawViewer2.0.1.1862fastscriptsFastScripts2.8.3,985fauxpasFaux Pas1.7.2favroFavro1.0.67fawkesFawkes1.0faxbotFaxbot2.6.2,210621.1fbreaderFBReader0.9.0fedora-media-writerFedora Media Writer4.2.2feed-the-beastFeed the Beast202111051727,fc8797cf31feemFeem4.4.2feishufeishu5.0.9,28b420fellowFellow1.1.0fenixFenix2.0.0ferdiFerdi5.6.3fetchFetch5.8.2,5.8.1354ff-worksff·Works2.6.2figfig1.0.52,311figmaFigma105.2.0figmadaemonFigma Font Installers20figtreeFigTree1.4.4fijiFiji1.0file-juicerFile Juicer4.96filebotFileBot4.9.4filemaker-proFileMaker Pro19.3.2.206filemonFile MonitorlatestfilepaneFilePane1.10.7,1576186002final-cut-library-managerArctic Whiteness Final Cut Library Manager3.90.00final-fantasy-xiv-onlineFinal Fantasy XIVpnvdkzgk77dj10find-any-fileFind Any File2.3.1find-empty-foldersFind Empty Folders1.3findergoFinderGo1.4.0finereaderABBYY FineReader Pro12.1.14,1052435fingFing Desktop2.7.2fing-cliFing Desktop Embedded CLI5.5.2finickyFinicky3.4.0finisher-voodooFinisher VOODOO206firealpacaFire Alpacalatestfirebase-adminFirebase Admin1.0.1firebird-emufirebird1.5firecampFirecamp2.3.1fireflyFirefly1.2.0firefoxMozilla Firefox94.0.2firestormPhoenix Firestorm viewer for Second Life6.4.21.64531firestormosPhoenix Firestorm viewer for OpenSim6.4.21.64531fireworksFireworks1.2firmaecFirmaEC2.10.1fiscriptFiScript1.0.1fissionFission2.7.1fitbit-os-simulatorFitbit OS Simulator0.9.2fl-studioFL Studio20.8.4.2072flaconFlacon7.0.1flameFlame2.6.0flameshotFlameshot0.10.2flash-decompiler-trillixFlash Decompiler Trillix5.3.1301fldigifldigi4.1.20flexiglassFlexiglass1.7.1,12833flicFlic2.1.0flickr-uploadrFlickr Uploadr1.1.2,2121flightgearFlightGear2020.3.11flip4macFlip4Mac3.3.8flipperFacebook Flipper0.120.0fliqloFliqlo1.8.4flircFlirc3.25.3flixtoolsOpenSubtitles FlixTools Lite3.,1flowFlow6.0.489.1826flowdockFlowdock1.2.9,35flowsyncPolar FlowSync Software4.0.6flrigflrig1.4.2fluent-readerFluent Reader1.0.2fluidFluid2.1.2,2120flumeFlume2.8.6.5fluorFluor2.5.0flutterFlutter SDK2.5.3fluxf.lux41.5flvcd-bigrats硕鼠MAC0.5.2.7flyfly7.6.0flycutFlycut1.9.6flying-carpetFlying Carpet4.1fmailFMail2.4.4,92fmanfman1.7.3fmeFME Desktop2021.0.3,21326focusFocus1.12.2focus-boosterFocus Booster2.2.0focusatwillFocus@Will3.1.0focusedFocused3.2,1825focuswriterFocusWriter1.7.6fogFog1.4.5folding-at-homeFolding@home7.6.21foldingtextFoldingText2.2,770folditFolditlatestfolxFolx5.26,13983font-smoothing-adjusterFont Smoothing Adjuster1.2.1fontbaseFontBase2.16.9fontexplorer-x-proFontExplorer X Pro7.2.6fontforgeFontForge2020-11-07,21ad4a1fontgogglesFontGoggles1.4.0fontlabFontlab7.2.0.7644fontplopFontplop1.3.0fontstandFontstand2.4.0foobar2000foobar20002.2.30force-pasteForce Paste1.0.1forecastForecast0.9.4,137forkFork2.13forkliftForkLift3.5.4,216forticlientFortiClient7.0.0.22forticlient-vpnFortiClient VPN7.0.0.22fotokastenFotokasten3.46.0,210630.1140foxglove-studioFoxglove Studio0.22.0foxitreaderFoxit Reader11.1.0foxmailFoxmail1.5.4.94544fpc-lazPascal compiler for Lazarus3.2.0,2.0.12fpc-src-lazPascal compiler source files for Lazarus3.2.0-2,2.0.12framerFramer2021.46.1framer-xFramer X36854,1590141192franzFranz5.7.0freacfre:ac1.1.5fredm-fuseFuse for Mac OS X1.5.6free-download-managerFree Download Manager6.15.3free-rulerFree Ruler2.0.5free42-binaryFree42 Binary3.0.7free42-decimalFree42 Decimal3.0.7freecadFreeCAD0.19.2,24291freecolFreeCol0.11.6freedomFreedom2.6,1937.1freedomeF-Secure Freedome2.39.6634.0freemindFreeMind1.0.1freenettrayFreenet2.2.0freeorionFreeOrion0.4.10.2,2021-08-01:f6.freeplaneFreeplane1.9.11freesmug-chromiumChromium85.0.4183.102freesurferFreeSurferlatestfreeterFreeter1.2.1freetubeFreeTube0.15.1freeyourmusicFreeYourMusic6.1.10freezeFreeze3.14,305frescobaldiFrescobaldi3.1.3frhelperFrhelper4.1.5,1065fromscratchFromScratch1.4.3frontFront3.28.3fs-uaeFS-UAE3.1.48fs-uae-launcherFS-UAE Launcher3.1.43fsmonitorFSMonitor1.2,137fsnotesFSNotes5.1.3fspyfSpy1.0.3fstreamFStream1.4.9,699fuguFugu1.2.1pre1functionflipFunctionFlip2.2.4funterFunter5.4.1,216fuseFuse Studio1.9.0futubullFutubull11.11.1628,202111110958futurerestore-guiFutureRestore GUI1.94fuwariFuwari0.6.0fuzzyclockFuzzyClock2.3.0,305fvimFVim0.3.489,g98c4036g-desktop-suiteG Desktop Suite0.3.1gactionsgactions3gamerangerGameRanger1.0ganacheGanache2.5.4ganttprojectGanttProject3.1.3100garagebuyGarageBuy3.6garagesaleGarageSale8.3.6gargoyleGargoyle2019.1gas-maskGas Mask0.8.6gatherGather Town0.1.6gb-studioGB Studio1.2.2gcc-arm-embeddedGCC ARM Embedded10.3-2021.10gcollazo-mongodbMongoDB4.2.0-build.3gcsgcs4.34.2gdatGenealogical DNA Analysis Tool2021r08gdiskGPT fdisk1.0.8gdlauncherGDLauncher1.1.15geanyGeany1.38,3gearboyGearboy3.4.0gearsystemGearsystem3.4.1geburtstagscheckerGeburtstagsChecker1.8.2,195geekbenchGeekbench5.4.3,503862geektoolGeekTool3.3.1,331.014:1470733752geminiGemini2.8.11,384:1635423816geneious-primeGeneious Prime2022.0.1genymotionGenymotion3.2.1geogebraGeoGebra6.0.675.0geomapGeoMapApp3.6.14geotagGeoTag4.9geotag-photos-proGeotag Photos Pro1.9.3gephGeph4.4.20gephiGephi0.9.2get-backup-proGet Backup Pro 33.6.5,1616get-iplayer-automatorGet iPlayer Automator1.21.12,20210729001get-lyricalGet Lyrical3.8.1getrasplexRasplex Installer1.0.1gfxcardstatusgfxCardStatus2.5,5482ghdlghdllatestghidraGhidra10.0.4,20210928ghost-browserGhost Browser2.1.3.6ghosttileKernelpanic 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Server21.3.0,13067go2shellGo2Shell2.5,25go64Go641.3,1301gobdokumenteGoBDokumente1.6.8godotGodot Engine3.4godot-monoGodot Engine3.4gog-galaxyGOG Galaxy2.0.43.66agogsGo Git Service0.12.3golandGoland2021.2.4,212.5457.54goldencheetahGoldenCheetah3.5goldendictGoldenDict1.5.0-RC2goldenpassportGoldenPassport0.1.6gollyGolly4.0.1goneovimGoneovim0.4.13goodsyncGoodSync11.9.1goofyGoofy3.5.4google-ads-editorGoogle Ads Editorlatestgoogle-analytics-opt-outGoogle Analytics Opt Out1.0.1google-assistantGoogle Assistant Unofficial Desktop Client1.0.0google-chatChat20.11.241google-chat-electrongoogle-chat-electron2.13.0google-chromeGoogle Chrome96.0.4664.55google-cloud-sdkGoogle Cloud SDKlatestgoogle-driveGoogle Drive53.0.8google-drive-file-streamGoogle Drive File Stream44.0.14.1google-earth-proGoogle Earth Pro7.3.4.8248google-featured-photosGoogle Featured Photos1.0.0.208google-japanese-imeGoogle Japanese Input Method Editorlatestgoogle-trendsGoogle Trends Screensaverlatestgoogle-web-designerGoogle Web 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Benchmark4.0hedgewarsHedgewars1.0.0heimdall-suiteHeimdall Suite1.4.0heliumHelium1.0heloHELO1.6.2hermesHermes1.3.1,2058hermit-crabHermit Crab1.0.3hex-fiendHex Fiend2.14.1heyHEY1.2.2hfsleuthHFSleuthlatesthiarcs-chess-explorer(Deep) HIARCS Chess Explorer1.11hiddenbarHidden Bar1.8hightopHighTop1.2.11historyhoundHistoryHound2.3.2,8864hma-pro-vpnHMA! Pro VPNlatesthocus-focusHocus Focus1.3,2131holavpnHola VPN2.38,1.190.307home-assistantHome Assistant2021.11.1,2021.266home-inventoryHome Inventory3.8.5,20201209honerHoner1.1hontohonto view app6.44.0,20200124hookHook3.3.1,2021.10hookshotHookshot1.23,53hopper-debugger-serverHopper Debugger Server2.7horndisHoRNDIS9.2horosHoros – Free, open medical image viewer4.0.0hoststoolHosts tool for Mac2.7.0hotHot1.6.1hotswitchHotSwitch1.21houdahspotHoudahSpot6.1.8,699housepartyHouseparty1.14.6,4707hp-eprintHP ePrint2.5.0hp-primeHP Prime2020_01_16hstrackerHearthstone Deck Tracker2.0.2http-toolkitHTTP Toolkit1.5.0hubstaffHubstaff1.6.2,3675hue-topiaHue-topia3.4.2,1813huginHugin2019.2.0hushHush1.0hwsensorsHWSensors6.26.1440hydrogenHydrogen1.1.0hydrus-networkhydrus-network461hypeTumult Hype4.1.7,736hyperHyper3.1.4hyperbackupexplorerHyperBackupExplorer3.0.0-0149hyperdockHyperDocklatesthyperkeyhyperkey0.11hyperswitchHyperSwitch0.2.592-devi1profileri1Profiler3.3.0.13512ibabeliBabel3.6ibackupiBackup7.6ibackup-vieweriBackup Viewer4.2360ibackupbotiBackupBot5.6.0ibetterchargeiBetterCharge1.0.12,1568119585ibm-aspera-connectIBM Aspera Connect3.11.2.63ibm-cloud-cliIBM Cloud CLI2.2.0iborediBored1.2.1icabiCab6.0.9icanhazshortcutiCanHazShortcut1.3.0iccInternational Chess Club1.0,7648icebergIceberg1.3.1icefloorIceFloor2.0.2icestudioicestudio0.7.0icloud-controliCloud Control1.2.0icollectionsiCollections6.8.3,68301iconizerIconizer2020.11.0iconjarIconJar2.9.0,49047iconsIcons1.1icons8Icons8 App5.7.4,57400iconscoutIconscout1.0.1iconsetIconset2.0.0icqICQ3.0.32393id3-editorID3 Editor1.28.50idafreeIDA Free7.6idagioIDAGIO1.1.2idefragiDefrag5.3.1idisplayiDisplaylatestidriveiDrivelatestieasemusicieaseMusic1.3.4iexploreriExplorer4.5.0,178ifunboxiFunBox1.8igdmIG:dm3.0.3igetteriGetter2.9.7iglanceiGlance2.1.0igvIntegrative Genomics Viewer (IGV)2.11.3iinaIINA1.2.0,129iina-plusIINA+0.5.22,21102812ilok-license-manageriLok License Manager5.4.1,3455ilspyILSpy7.0-rc2ilya-birman-typography-layoutIlya Birman Typography Layout3.7image-toolImage Tool1.4.1image2iconImage2Icon2.16,930imagealphaImageAlpha1.5.1imagejImageJ1.53imageminimagemin0.1.0imageoptimImageOptim1.8.8imazingiMazing2.14.5,15503imdoneimdone1.22.3imgotv芒果TV6.4.3immersedImmersed15.9,131imoImo Messanger1.2.1impactorImpactor0.9.55inav-configuratorINAV Configurator3.0.2inboardInboard1.1.5,431indigoIndigo Domotics7.4.1infinityInfinity1.0.0infoflowBaidu Hi2.3.9.5,2021103019informInform6M62infrainfra0.46.0inkdropInkdrop5.2.0inkscapeInkscape1.1.1inkyInky0.12.0inloop-qlplaygroundinloop-qlplayground1.0insoinso2.4.0insomniaInsomnia2021.6.0inssiderinSSIDer0.0.4.5,8install-disk-creatorInstall Disk Creator1.5instatus-outInstatus Out1.0.8insyncInsync3.6.0.50200integrityIntegrity10.4.5intel-haxmIntel HAXM7.7.0intel-power-gadgetIntel Power Gadget3.7.0,b7b1b3e1dffd9b20intel-psxe-ce-c-plus-plusIntel Parallel Studio XE Composer Edition for C++2020.2.899,16768intellidockIntelliDock1.0intellij-ideaIntelliJ IDEA Ultimate2021.2.3,212.5457.46intellij-idea-ceIntelliJ IDEA Community Edition2021.2.3,212.5457.46interarchyInterarchy10.0.7internxt-driveInternxt Drive1.4.1intune-company-portalCompany Portal2.12.210101invesaliusInVesalius3.1.99995invisiblixinvisibliX3.2invisionsyncInVision Sync1.9.1,692invisor-liteInvisor Lite3.17,989.211020invokerInvoker2.8.0ionic-labIonicLab0.29.1ioquake3ioquake31.36ios-app-signeriOS App Signer1.13.1ios-consoleiOS Console1.0.2,55ios-saveriOS 8 Lockscreen for OSXlatestiota-walletIOTA Wallet2.5.7ip-in-menu-barIP in menu bar4. Palette2.3.2,2020.01.26ipartitioniPartition3.6.2ipeIpe7.2.24ipepresenterIpePresenter7.2.24ipfsIPFS Desktop0.17.0iphoto-library-manageriPhoto Library Manager4.2.7,954ipremoteutilityFlanders IP Remote Utility1.8.7ipsecuritasIPSecuritas5.0.1ipvanish-vpnIPVanish3.3.0,67479ipynb-quicklookipynb-quicklook0.1.2irccloudIRCCloud Desktop0.16.0ireadfastiReadFast2.0iridiumIridium Browser2021.10.95irisIris1.2.0iriunwebcamIriun2.7.1irpf2021IRPF 20211.9isabelleIsabelle2021ishowuiShowU1.94.5,2751ishowu-instantiShowU Instant1.4.8,1383isimulatoriSimulator3.3.0islideiSlide1.2.0isolatorIsolator4.99betaistat-menusiStats Menus6.61istat-serveriStat Server3.03istegiSteg1.6.2istumbleriStumbler103.43isubtitleiSubtitle3.4.6,49iswiffiSwiff1.14,94isynceriSyncer3.8.0isyncriSyncr Desktop6.1.0itauItau2.1.2.18itchitch.io25.5.1iterm2iTerm23.4.13ithoughtsxiThoughtsX5.29.0itk-snapITK-SNAP3.8.0,20190612itoolsiTools2.9.2itrafficitraffic0.1.4itsycalItsycal0.13.1,2150itubedownloaderiTubeDownloader6.6.0,66000itunes-produceriTunes Producer3.1.2itunes-volume-controliTunes Volume Control1.6.8ivideonserverIvideon Client3.10.1ivolumeiVolume3.9.0,2260ivpnIVPN3.4.0izipiZip3.9jJ902jabrefJabRef5.3jadJad1.5.8gjaikozJaikoz10.1.2,1.0jalbumjAlbum23.1jalviewJalview2.11.1.4jameicaJameica2.10.0jamesJames2.1.2jamf-migratorJamfMigrator5.9.3jamiJami202111051146jamkazamJamKazam1.0.4048jamovijamovi2.2.2.0jamulusJamulus3.8.1jandiJANDI1.4.6,201106jandi-statusbarjandi1.8jaspJASP0.16.0.0jasperJasper1.0.5jaxx-libertyJaxx Blockchain Wallet2.6.5jazzupJazzUp1.0b3,3jbidwatcherJBidwatcher2.99pre5jbrowsejbrowse1.16.11jclasslib-bytecode-viewerjclasslib bytecode viewer6.0.1jcryptoolJCrypTool1.0.7jd-guiJD-GUI1.6.6jdiskreportJDiskReport1.4.1jdk-mission-controlJDK Mission Control8.1.0,07jdownloaderJDownloaderlatestjeditjEdit5.6.0jedit-omegaJedit Ω2.43jellybeansoup-netflixNetflix1.0.5jellyfinJellyfin10.7.7jellyfin-media-playerjellyfin-media-player1.6.1jenkins-menuJenkins Menu0.2.0jetCodeship Jet2.11.0jetbrains-spaceJetBrains Space2021.3.2jetbrains-toolboxJetBrains Toolbox1.22,1.22.10774jettisonJettison1.8.2,3340jewelryboxJewelryBox1.5jgraspjgrasp2.0.6_08jgrennison-openttdJGR's OpenTTD Patchpack0.44.0jietuJietu2.2.2,11054jigglerJiggler1.9jiohomeJioHome2.0.7jitouchjitouchlatestjitsiJitsi2.10.5550jitsi-meetJitsi Meet2021.11.2jmcjmc0.3-betajoinmejoin.me3.22.0.14903jokerJoker iOS kernelcache handling utilitylatestjollysfastvncJollysFastVNC1.58,1925902joplinJoplin2.5.12joshjon-nocturnalNocturnal1.1.1josmJOSM18303journeyJourney2.14.6jpadilla-rabbitmqRabbitMQ3.6.1-build.1jpadilla-redisRedis4.0.2-build.1jprofilerJProfiler12.0.4jqbxJQBX0.9.190jsuiJSUI0.0.25jtooljtoollatestjtool2jtool22020.02.10jublerJubler7.0.3juliaJulia1.6.4jumpJump Desktop8.8.16,80816jumpcutJumpcut0.75jumpshareJumpshare2.7.3,103jupyter-notebook-qlJupyter Notebook Quick Look0.2jupyter-notebook-viewerJupyter Notebook Viewer0.1.4jupyterlabJupyterLab App3.2.3-1kactusKactus0.3.34kakapoKakapo1.3.0kakuKaku2.0.2kaleidoscopeKaleidoscope3.1.2,2022kapKap3.4.2kapitainsky-rclone-browserRclone Browser1.8.0,a0b66c6kapowKapow1.5.10karabiner-elementsKarabiner Elements13.7.0katalon-studioKatalon Studio8.1.0katanaKatana1.4.4katrainKaTrain1.10.1kawaKawa1.1.0kdiff3KDiff31.9.3kdocs金山文档3.0.1,1001keepKeep1.2.0keep-itKeep It1.11.6,9180keepassxKeePassX2.0.3keepassxcKeePassXC2.6.6keeper-password-managerKeeper Password Manager16.3.2,202111122144keepingyouawakeKeepingYouAwake1.6.1keewebKeeWeb1.18.7kekaKeka1.2.50kekaexternalhelperKeka External Helper1.1.1,1.2.7kernKern1.1.5kext-updaterKext Updater3.9.7,397kext-utilityKext Utility2.6.6kextviewrKextViewr1.1.0key-codesKey Codes2.2.1,2027keybaseKeybase5.8.0,20210920184218:a.keyboard-cleanerKeyboard Cleaner1.2keyboard-lockKeyboard Lock1.0keyboard-maestroKeyboard Maestro10.0.1,1001keyboardcleantoolKeyboardCleanTool3keyboardholderKeyboardHolder1.3.2keycastKeyCast1.1keycastrKeyCastr0.9.11keycombinerkeycombiner0.5.0
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September 25, 2021MacOS App
FxFactory Pro MacOS

FxFactory Pro Crack Mac includes filters, generators and transitions for Final Cut Pro X, Motion, Premiere Pro and After Effects. It is the first extensible visual effect package for Final Cut Pro. Unlimited capacity: download additional plug-ins from FxMarket. Visual effects of the speaker with incomparable features. This is a free plug-in system that allows …

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Adobe Zii 2022 7.0.0 Crack FREE Download

September 24, 2021MacOS App
Adobe Zii

Adobe Zii 2022 Mac is a small and great utility which helps you forget about all issues with the registration of all Adobe existing products Adobe. Adobe Zii for Mac Features: Allows to launch Camera Raws in Bridge without Photoshop or Lightroom installed. Adobe Character Animator CC. Adobe Photoshop Elements 2022 and Adobe Premiere Elements. …

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Download Microsoft Office Mac Free Full Version

July 22, 2021MacOS App
Microsoft Office For Mac

Download Microsoft Office For Mac With Product Key has announced the release of the preliminary version of the office suite Office 2019 for the Mac. The new Office for Mac is the first major upgrade package Microsoft Office mac crack 2020, Microsoft Office mac crack 2021, Microsoft Office mac m1, Microsoft Office mac 2019, Microsoft …

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Adobe Zii 2020 5.3.2 Crack FREE Download

February 17, 2021Adobe
Adobe Zii

Adobe Zii 2020 Mac is a small and great utility which helps you forget about all issues with the registration Fantastical 3.4.3 Crack MAC Full License Code {Latest 2021} Free all Adobe existing products Adobe. Adobe Zii Mac Features: Allows to launch Camera Raws in Bridge without Photoshop or Lightroom installed. Adobe Character Animator CC. Adobe Photoshop Elements 2020 and Adobe Premiere Elements. After …

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EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard for Mac Crack With Key Torrent Download

January 24, 2021Data Recovery

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Pro for Mac 2021 can recover your lost data from empty trash, accidental deletion or other causes, saving unlimited data in three simple steps. Select the hard drive, scan to find deleted files and view all files that can be recovered. The EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Mac Torrent helps you solve …

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Combo Cleaner Activation Number Crack FREE Download

December 25, 2020Mac Download
Combo Cleaner for Mac

Combo Cleaner 2021 Mac is a system optimizer and an antivirus created for Macs running Big Sur, later and the newer macOS versions. Unlike other antivirus suites, this tool takes a whole new approach to cyber security. And aside from its core antivirus function, it has other handy features, such as the big files finder, …

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Fantastical 2.5.16 Crack FREE Download

November 24, 2021MacOS App

Fantastical 2 Mac Crack includes powerful features such as an incredibly intuitive parsing engine, a full calendar window (with day, week, month, and year views), a quick access mini window, iCloud reminders support, time zone support, and much, much more. Fantastical’s natural-language engine is expressive and intelligent, so you can write in your own style. …

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Planner 5D 4.6.1 Crack FREE Download

November 24, 2021Mac Download
Planner 5D macos

Planner 5D 2022 Mac whether you’re remodeling, renovating, or designing your dream home, Planner 5D Mac Crack has you covered! Create detailed 2D & 3D floor plans, browse a 3000+ item catalog, and create photo-realistic images of your projects. With over 2 million downloads, Planner 5D Cracked makes interior design easier than ever! Planner 5D …

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WiFi Scanner 3 Crack FREE Download

November 24, 2021Mac Download
WiFi Scanner MacOS

WiFi Scanner 2022 Mac you’ll see nearby wireless access points and their details, including channels, signal levels (RSSI), noise, channel width, and MAC address, signal quality, maximum data rate, encryption, and much more. Also includes upload and download speed testing to quickly measure and analyze WiFi Internet performance problems. WiFi Scanner Mac crack fast wireless …

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WiFi Scanner 2.9.5 Crack FREE Download

November 24, 2021MacOS App
WiFi Scanner mac

WiFi Scanner 2020 Mac you’ll see nearby wireless access points and their details, including channels, signal levels (RSSI), noise, channel width, and MAC address, signal quality, maximum data rate, encryption, and much more. Also includes upload and download speed testing to quickly measure and analyze WiFi Internet performance problems. WiFi Scanner full crack fast wireless …

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aText 2.40.1 Crack FREE Download

November 24, 2021MacOS App

aText 2022 Mac accelerates your typing by replacing abbreviations with frequently used phrases you define: for example, make an abbreviation “myname” to insert your name “First Middle Last” in any application. With aText Crack Mac you can easily avoid typing the same thing over and over. aText Mac Features: Insert images and formatted text. Capitalize …

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GoodNotes 5.7.48 Crack FREE Download

November 24, 2021MacOS App

GoodNotes 2022 Mac transform your Mac into smart digital paper and a powerful document management system. Use the same features from GoodNotes Crack Mac or GoodNotes Mac Crack iPad version on your Mac and work with your documents where you want and when you want. GoodNotes Mac Features: CREATE, IMPORT, AND EDIT DOCUMENTS ON YOUR …

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MacClean 3.6.0 Crack FREE Download

November 24, 2021Mac Download
MacClean MacOS

MacClean 2022 Mac an easy-to-use yet reliable Mac utility, comes to initiate a new round of spring cleaning on your Mac with the features of cleanup, optimization, privacy care and security protection. It cares more about your Mac security by deep scanning the malicious threats in your Mac, so that you can enjoy a cleaner …

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TinkerTool System 7.71 Crack FREE Download

November 24, 2021Mac Download
TinkerTool System

TinkerTool System 2022 Mac is a collection of system utility features helping you in performing advanced administration tasks on Apple Macintosh computers. The application makes use of a self-adapting user interface which automatically adjusts to the computer model and to the version of macOS you are running. All options available in the current situation are …

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WiFiSpoof 3.7 Crack FREE Download

November 24, 2021Mac Download

WiFiSpoof 2022 Mac is the ultimate system network tool giving a quick overview of the current state of your Mac’s network devices. WiFiSpoof Mac Features: Easily see all available network interfaces Current MAC Address System hardware MAC Address Current Wi-Fi connection BSSID, SSID, Security, Channel, RSSI, Noise, Tx Rate and MCS Index Current Wi-Fi card …

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Magnet Pro 2.7.0 Crack FREE Download

November 24, 2021Mac Download

Magnet 2022 Mac Every time you want to copy content from one app to the other, compare files side by side or multitask in any other way, you need all the windows arranged accordingly. Magnet makes this process clean and simple. In just one drag to the edge, you snap any window into left, right, …

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BusyCal for macOS

Powerful · Elegant · Customizable

Busy Apps

Month View

BusyCal is the most powerful, flexible, heavily customizable, reliable calendar app for macOS. It's packed with time-saving features and compatible with all leading cloud services including Reminders, iCloud, Google, Exchange, Office 365, Yahoo, Fastmail, Fruux, Kerio, Zoom and more.

BusyCal also supports Wireless-LAN sync for those that do not wish to use a cloud service. Share your offline calendars at work or at home over wifi.


BusyCal displays your calendar in Day, Week, Month, Year and List views. What makes BusyCal unique is its ability to customize these views to more precisely meet your needs. You can choose the number of weeks shown in the Month view and the number of days shown in Week view and even customize the calendar's appearance by choosing a font face and size, calendar colors, time format and more.

Info Panel

One of BusyCal's most popular features is its embedded info panel that appears in the sidebar, enabling you to quickly view and edit event details with speed and precision.

The Info Panel has been completely redesigned in BusyCal and boasts a cleaner, modern look with improved controls for selecting dates and times, adding locations, attendees and more.

What's more, the info panel is completely customizable. You can choose to show just the basics, or additional fields like time zones, tags and graphics.

BusyCal also supports showing the Info Panel as a floating window, or a pop-over.

Learn more →

Integrated Task List

In BusyCal, Tasks are integrated into your calendar, display on the date they are due, and carry forward until completed. And we've added support for Timed Tasks that occur at a specific time of day and appear inline with your calendar events.

You can also display a Task List in the right sidebar, sorted by date, priority, calendar, title, tag, or manually. And Tasks in BusyCal are compatible and sync with the Reminders app on macOS 10.14 and iOS 12 and below.

Learn more →

Travel Time

BusyCal add support for travel time, one of our most requested features. Travel time allows you to block out time for travel to an event or location.

You can set a fixed amount of travel time or determine it automatically using the integrated support for Location Services and Apple Maps. You can even receive alerts when it's time to leave as traffic conditions change.

Learn more →

Menu bar app

The totally redesigned menu bar app now displays a navigable mini-month calendar with colored dots and bars that provide a visual density map of your availability.

A scrolling list of your events and tasks are displayed in the menu along with a 8-day weather forecast.

You can click on an event in the menu bar to view its details, and create new events and tasks using natural language.

And, unlike other calendar apps, BusyCal's menu bar app is always running, even when the main BusyCal app is not running, so you always have access to your schedule.

Learn more →

Quick Entry

BusyCal enables you to create events and tasks using natural language. A preview of the event details are displayed while you type as it recognizes the title, date and time, location and more.

You can even use it to add contacts or attendees, set an alarm, add a URL, or to indicate the calendar to create the event on.

Learn more →

Calendar List & Calendar Sets

BusyCal displays a list of your calendars (along with an optional mini month) in the left sidebar.

You can rearrange the list of calendars and use it to show, hide, and share calendars. You can also rename calendars, change calendar colors, or arrange related calendars into collapsible groups. The Calendar List can be shown or hidden as needed.

You can even create Calendar Sets to quickly toggle multiple calendars on or off with a single-click.

Learn more →

Smart Filters

BusyCal's Smart Filters are a powerful tool for filtering and formatting your calendar.

The most common use of Smart Filters is for creating Calendar Sets, to quickly toggle multiple calendars on or off with a single click (see above).

You can also use Smart Filters to create saved searches (e.g. events that contain 'Joe'), or for remembering view settings (e.g. displaying an 8-week month view with weekends hidden), all of which you can be accessed with a keyboard shortcut or a button on the toolbar.

Learn more →


BusyCal displays alarms in a movable, resizable floating window that offers the ability to snooze alarms for any number of minutes, hours or days. You can even snooze an alarm until a few minutes before the start of an event, and snooze multiple alarms at once.

And, unlike other calendar apps, BusyCal Alarms trigger even when the main BusyCal app isn't running, so you'll never miss an important appointment, meeting, or event.

Learn more →


BusyCal allows you to tag events for tracking and filtering. Tags are user-defined labels with which you can categorize and color events in BusyCal.

You can also search and filter events in your calendar based on tags. Note: Tags in BusyCal map to Categories in Exchange/Outlook.

Learn more →


BusyCal displays a live 8-day weather forecast (in three different styles) based on your current location using Location Services. It can also show phases of the moon and sunrise and sunset times.

Learn more →


BusyCal lets you add graphics to your calendar to highlight holidays, birthdays, and special events. You can select from hundreds of Emoji images built-in to macOS, or type a keyword into BusyCal to automatically search for images on IconFinder.com. You can even drag images into BusyCal from your desktop or from the web.

Learn more →

Dark Mode

BusyCal's dark mode is designed to brighten up your day. With the selection of subtle dark tones, the interface stays of your way so you can focus on what's important.

You can choose between automatic, always-light and always dark mode.

BusyContacts Integration

BusyCal integrates with its sister app, BusyContacts, forming a flexible easy-to-use CRM solution. By adding contacts to events in BusyCal, you have instant access to a contact's email address and phone number, as well as a record in BusyContacts of your interactions with those contacts.

Learn more →

BusyCal for iOS

BusyCal syncs with the new BusyCal for iOS, which offers the same power, flexibility, and reliability that BusyCal for Mac users have enjoyed for years including customizable Day, Week, Month and List views, integrated tasks, live weather, tags, and more. It's the ultimate mobile companion to BusyCal on the Mac.

And like its desktop counterpart, BusyCal for iOS is compatible with iCloud, Google Calendar, Exchange, and other leading calendar services.

Learn more →

Syncs with everything

BusyCal has long been respected for its solid support for syncing with Reminders, iCloud, Google Calendar, Office 365, Exchange, Zoom, and other CalDAV servers like Fruux, Kerio and Zimbra. This includes the ability to share calendars, schedule meetings, and view the availability of others.







Learn more →

Источник: https://www.busymac.com/busycal/

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